GM-UAW Scorecard

I finally got a chance to see the notorious scorecard. The criteria that GM plants need to exceed by 93% if they want to get new business. It’s actually a twelve page document but I can simplify the scoring in three words: decertify the union.
In which case you may expect that the home team wins? Never forget, GM strives to exceed expectations. According to the scorecard, the two plants in all the GM system that most frequently set the benchmark for efficiency are Springhill and Nummi. The pinnacle of achievement is a lonely place. So lonely that GM and Toyota both decided to close the scorecard benchmarks.
There’s no irony here. Plant closing is  the new business. By outsourcing, sub contracting, and reducing SUB pay and severance, and other cumbersome costs, GM will be able to close your plant more efficiently. Once you achieve a 93% benchmark rating on the scorecard, you are ready to be snuffed.

See the Pdf attachment for more details on the notorious scorecard.

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GM-UAW Scorecard.pdf