What concessions did for IUE at GM Options

As the retired Shop Chairman of IUE-CWA Local 717 in Warren,Ohio I can attest to the total lack of value that comes from joining arm and arm with G.M. and making concessions as a way of saving our members jobs. It hasn't worked in the past and it WILL NOT work in the future. The only thing that G.M. respects is a stiff spine.   The IUE had 40,000 members working for G.M. when the started down the road of jointly sponsored concessions. Virtually every location in the IUE-GM chain had developed and implemented a second tier wage level by 1990.  As soon as all the plants had given in to the second tier concept, G.M. demanded a third tier. By 1993 most of the IUE-GM locations had overlaid  a third tier of wages and benefits. By 2000 every location would have multiple tiers of wages and benefits, some as low as $7.00 an hour. We should have had work pouring into our plants, and our membership should have been secure and GROWING. Instead each year G.M.,and then Delphi, continued to move work out of our plants to foreign locations. The End result is this, the IUE was forced to merge with the CWA because our membership numbers had dropped so low that by the year 2000 we could no longer maintain our independence. The year is now 2010 and the IUE-CWA has exactly ZERO members left working for General Motors, and 800 working for Delphi. Does second and third tier wages and benefits help protect the members jobs?  A quick look at the history of the IUE with GM clearly tells you no!

Don Arbogast