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Hold Harmless

Last, but certainly not least, in present healthcare benefits provided to retirees there is a clause incorporated known as “Hold Harmless.” This protects claimants from being over charged by the providers, e.g. a retiree has a heart attack and he/she goes to the hospital afterward the hospital charges fifty thousand dollars but their healthcare only covers 30 thousand, under “Hold Harmless” the claimant would not have to pay a cent over thirty thousand dollars. The Hold Harmless clause was not written in the new VEBA or Settlement Agreement; therefore, a retiree under the new VEBA experiencing similar circumstances as in the previous example would be held responsible to pay the 20 thousand dollar difference. Would YOU want this to happen to you?

If you are a GM retiree and do not like what you read above, you need to file a “Protest” and join Mr. McKnight’s by contacting his attorney.

Notification Required

According to the December 22, 2005 docket, GM and the UAW are required notify every retiree who fits in the class. A copies of the VEBA, Settlement Agreement, letter from the UAW and a notice from the court instructing retirees of their right to object was ordered by the judge to be mailed to ever retiree. Some of the retirees have received these notices but many have not as of January 8, 2006. If you believe, you are a member of the class contact the GM department of the UAW (313) 926-5311, or call the Garden City Group (or class counsel) at 1(800)-295-4916 you only have until February 13, 2005 to get you objections filed!


The UAW Cooperation Partners have colluded with GM to steel pension benefits from every retired GM/UAW worker and their families. It is up to YOU and surviving spouses of retirees to stand up and fight the spoliation of your benefits. Mr. McKnight’s attorney by law cannot solicit your support for their case, which is also your case. However, others members like you and myself can do it for them.

The cooperation Partners may not want to live up to the preamble of the UAW Constitution but we, all of us active and retired members together can force them too.

Have questions? Please call or E-mail me at (256) 350-7181 or or contact Mr. McKnight’s attorney Mr. Mark S. Baumkel at: (248) 642-0444 or E-mail him at To get up dated Declaration forms to join Mr. McKnight in his lawsuit and/or Objection forms contact Mr. Baumkel or me.

Do not forget, February 13, 2006 is the dead line for Objections to be filed with the court!

Information came from the United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, Case Number 2:05-cv-73991-RHC-VMM Document 41-1 Filed 12/27/2005


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