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on Walker St and created another bureaucratic tentacle with endless potential for expansion—and the TEAM saw that it was good.

And just like QN, The TEAM washed their hands of any accountability for this creation and blamed their sins on the rank and file, all the while punishing GM’s investors as well. You see, GM investors are management’s rank and file, and the TEAM clearly has as little respect for GM investors as they have for GM employees.  Today the loyal investors are left with stock that lost 50% of its value in 2005 (Delphi CEO Miller says Delphi stock is worth $0) and loyal employees are left with pink slips—while everyone is left wondering if and when GM will follow Delphi into bankruptcy court.

Now here we are in 2006 with an additional 30,000 GM jobs on the chopping block, Delphi in bankruptcy demanding poverty wages and primitive working conditions for its workers.  The UAW has experienced an overall loss of nearly 2/3 of its membership since the TEAM supplanted interest-based collective bargaining with consensus-based "Quality Councils" throughout the auto sector. The full extent of concessions remains a mystery.

Still, the membership cannot account for the joint-funds or the super-natural joint processes—for that is exclusively the holy province of the TEAM.  The UAW membership cannot formally grieve their losses any more than they can touch the face of God. Its like original sin, there is no forgiveness even though there was no direct participation in the sin itself!

The TEAM is imposing health care concessions on retirees because they can—or at least they think they can.  Remember, this was indeed a mutually agreed upon joint process and apparently the TEAM saw that it was good—for the TEAM.

Maybe its time to give the TEAM a rest! Verily, Tom Adams"

Brother Adams’ thoughts grew from an ongoing telephone conversation and research project we have about joint funds programs.

Do Joint funds programs pay off?

The membership’s heightened sense of interest surrounding healthcare and pension benefits motivated us to do a comprehensive review of past and present language of the GM/Delphi –UAW national "Supplements." Our research took us back to the 1984 GM-UAW concessionary agreement. Notwithstanding all the deletions, reductions and other changes in GM-UAW healthcare benefits from 1984, one element of the healthcare language remained virtually unchanged until 1999. That element is the Corporation-Union Committee on Health-Care Benefits (CUCHCB).

GM UAW National Agreement Language CUCHCB.

1984 Corporation-Union Committee On Health Care Benefits, October 1, 1984 (White Book)

"The Corporation-Union Committee On Health Care Benefits will engage in activities which have a high potential for cost savings while achieving the maximum level of health-care coverage and services for the money spent for such protection. The Corporation will make available funds up to $500,000 per year for the three years beginning October 1, 1984 to fund such mutually agreed upon activities as studies, pilot projects, and use of consultants."

The CUCHCB is made up of six people, three members from the UAW and three members from GM. Since 1984 the six member committee had a total of $18.45 million made available by GM to jointly execute COST SAVINGS? The emphasis had to be placed on cost savings because they certainly did not protect the level of coverage for us members over the past two decades.

Later the CUCHCB was integrated with the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (CHR) because of the 1999 contract negotiations. The change allowed the CUCHCB to receive one-half of its annual million dollar expenses from the Joint Funds and the other one-half from GM Corporation. Now do not be fooled by this for it is nothing more than smoke and mirror accounting, for the money comes from only one entity, GENERAL MOTORS!

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