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immediately and for good reason! Do you know a candidate for delegate to the conventions has the legal right to have his/her local union forward for you mailings to everyone on the local union mailing list, including retirees? Be sure to find out before hand from your local financial secretary and/or president if they are going to charge you for such a mailing. They can charge a candidate for postage, the printing of the address labels, any other printing, and the number of hours worked by the local union financial secretary or others’ time used on the mailing. However, you can reduce cost by copying your own handbill or letters and you can stuff the envelopes to make sure your letters are mailed. Keep in mind; they cannot dictate what kind of literature you put into the envelopes! This would be a great opportunity to get in touch with every retiree and send him/her copies of the objection forms and declaration form to join Mr. McKnight in his lawsuit. All we need is one person at each local to do what I describe above to get the word out to every retiree. Remember, announce your candidacy in a handbill and make it very clear you are running for Delegate to the up coming UAW Con-Con. You do not have to wait until after the nominations are closed to request a mailing, you can do it shortly after you make the announcement of your candidacy.

Retirees and active members alike, get involved and help get the word out. It might cost you a couple hundred dollars now, however, would that not be better than tens of thousands of dollars later on.

So What Happened?

Finally, it should be said that this series of articles (The Constitutional Death of the UAW) is being written because the Preamble and various Articles of the UAW Constitution have inspired my colleagues and me to write these pieces. When an organization strays from its fundamental stated purpose, regardless of its rationalization for doing so, it creates a vacuum, and in the case of our great union, that void or vacuum has been taken over by the language of joint activities, joint funds and the administrative bureaucracy associated with it. Was this a purposeful strategy of the UAW leadership? Probably not, but it has happened! The jointness advocates of the Administrative Caucus of the International Union have arbitrarily revised the purpose of the UAW. For over 20 years, the actions of the International Union have resulted in furthering the interest of the corporations through negotiations, while at the same time enhancing and enriching the UAW-automakers’ joint activities centers.

Please, Work To Rule I. S. Bill Hanline 

"What good luck for rulers when the people do not think!"

Adolph Hitler

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