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Fiduciary Responsibility

Fiduciary responsibility is not just for executive officers of corporations. “Title V—Safeguards for Labor Organizations, (29 U.S.C. 501) Section 501(a)” makes it explicitly clear that that officers are to “refrain from dealing with such organization as an advance party or in behalf of an adverse party in any matter connected with his duties.” Furthermore Section 501(b) a trial judge may allot a reasonable part of the recovery in any action under this subsection to pay the fees of counsel prosecuting the suit at the instance of the member of the labor organization and to compensate such member for any expenses necessarily paid or incurred by him in connection with the litigation.

Now let us go back to the GM case when the GM bought and paid for judge in Detroit allowed GM to pay for all of the UAW legal expenses. Why did he not see to it that GM paid for Mr. McKnight’s legal counsel as well? A judge should be the first to understand that a single retired member could not afford to take on GM and the UAW. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have GM pay for McKnight’s legal fees instead of the UAW’s? The judge apparently knows nothing about “Three Card Monte” for if he did he would have understood the need to have GM pay for Mr. McKnight’s lawyer. By doing so McKnight’s attorney would have been placed in the same predicament that Lazard Ltd. found their firm in. That is, singing the tune the “Insideman,” Wagoner is paying for!

They (GM and Delphi) do not want to lose their best Team Player

Apparently, the press has not forgotten that the Constitutional Convention is just a few short months away, nor have Miller and Wagoner! In a January 17, 2006 Detroit Free Press article “Delphi to delay bid to avoid contracts” Tom Walsh and Jason Roberson wrote. “All three parties say they realize that a final resolution may get more difficult as the UAW elections in June draw nearer. Political pressure likely will intensify as the UAW convention approaches, which could inflame rank-and-file passions about any changes in Delphi labor agreements.” Why don’t Mr. Walsh just come out and say it that Wagoner and Miller are afraid that Gettelfinger may not get re-elected if they continue to for him to negotiates a concessionary agreement with Delphi before the convention? That is very important to Delphi and GM for they do not want to loose their best “outside-man.” Since when does the politics of the UAW come to be talked about in the press as a major factor of negotiations that will eventually effect 24,000 UAW members lives and their work as employees of Delphi. Is Ron Gettelfinger negotiating for his own political well-being, worrying that his re-election will be determined base solely on his ability to negotiate a concessionary agreement with Delphi for his members? What is more important to you? Ron’s re-election or your and your family’s well-being? Better yet, is his re-election more important to you than you having a job! Let us choose delegates that will vote to stop Gettelfinger’s strangulation of our beloved UAW. Ron Gettelfinger’s betrayal of his oath to up hold the UAW Constitutional is enough grounds to have him removed from office. Hey Ron! Why don’t you spare the membership the embarrassment, and yourself the trouble, and just resign?

One last thing, let us send delegates who will support and vote for the referendum vote for our international president and vice presidents. “One Man!” “One Vote!”


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