Just making some points I'll probably regret

                                 Our Constitution is being is being
torn apart piece by piece. The Constitution is just that, our
Constitution. We don't need judges tearing it apart and ruling
on what they think. Our forefathers would roll over in their
graves if they could see what has happened to that ONCE
great document.

Our nation has become bankrupt. The founding fathers knew
that government should be just that, government. When they
get control of the money they will bankrupt the country. Our
debt was less than 1 billion dollars in 1960. The laws were
changed and now we are over 8 trillion dollars in debt. The day
of reckoning will come. The credit cards will have to be paid
off. Yet, the government spends like there is no tomorrow. The
government has no money. This debt is ours, yours and mine.
Every individual in the U.S. owes over $163,000 for that debt.
Can you pay your share when it comes due??

The people just set back and don't want to become involved.
But, they are involved and just don't know it yet. When the
bills are due, we're all in for a rude awakening.

The RAPE of the workers and retirees continues. The masses
won't get involved. They just complain and go about doing what
ever they do. The retirees lose health care benefits at GM. Only
1,200 or so retirees get involved and join the lawsuit to stop the
rape. The other countless retirees don't want to get involved. Well
my friends, guess what? They are going to get RAPED again and
until they decide to get involved. How much will we lose until the
people wake up? Your guess is as good as mine.

One thing is for sure. The RAPE will continue until the people
put a stop to it. Can I defend the position on the people who
want change and are willing to FIGHT for it? I sure can. Can I
defend the position of the people who don't want to get involved?
NO way! I am but one VOICE. I will lose. I need all of the VOICES
to stop the RAPE. Until those VOICES unite, I will be RAPED
right along with them. I can bitch about it. I'm a fighter. They
can't say a thing. Unitl they become involved, they are the
problem. They are allowing it to happen and my VOICE can't
stop it.

           In Solidarity
           John Goschka
           Local 699 Retiree