The Union Advantage
           which can be found at states:

“Union members earn substantially more in pay and benefits than nonunion workers. The union advantage holds true both in goods-producing industries, like manufacturing and construction, and the service sector.”

The graph provided on “Union Advantage” shows average nonunion wages in “Goods Producing Industries” are $19.62 per hour.

So how does the UAW Concession Team arrive at $14 per hour for new hires at GM? $5.62 below the nonunion average?

Can UAW members look their children in the eyes and say,
   “I had to do it, son. It was either you or me,”
and just go on their merry way?

Can UAW members say,
    “It won’t hurt me. I’m not taking a pay cut,”
and actually believe they are immune from the disease?

If we allow the union to degrade new hires who can’t vote,
what will they do to us when we retire and can’t vote?
What do we deserve?

In 2005 the UAW proved that they can and will hike copays and premiums for retiree health care. What the Federal Courts would not permit the company to do, the union did for them.

Dividing the union into tiers won’t build job security.
Newly hired, or retired, we are one union.


Vote to send negotiators back to the table.

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