Trust for Sale: Just Sign the Dotted Line  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After ratification the UAW International will help the Local Union Bargaining Committee decide just who is “core” and who is “non core.”

The assembly lines will be pocketed with sub assembly ghettos staffed with second class union members and material handlers eager to take our top tier jobs. Though new hires may eventually take over our jobs on the line, they will never get a pension or health care in retirement.

But they will get even.

    Who is “core” and “non core” will be determined after we can no longer vote.
    The National Bargaining Committee knows what their goal is, but they don’t want us to know before we vote.  

Ratifying an unfinished contract is like signing a mortgage without knowing what the interest rate will be. The Concession Team has not informed members how many jobs will be classified second tier, but we know from experience what happens when one domino goes down.

A lot of Local Union officials who backed this Divided We Beg contract will be voted out of office when the deal goes down. But you can bet your COLA Diversion appointees will retain their top tier salaries.

Two tier is a poor investment in our future. Two tier is a diminishing return for everyone. Top tier workers will take a pay cut in 2011. That’s not speculation, it’s historical fact. That’s the way two tier works. Retirees will never see another raise in their pension checks, nor another Christmas bonus, because underpaid workers won’t be able to afford the luxury.

Retirees can look forward to increase copays and premiums on health care.
Retirees can’t look forward to support from active members.

The VEBA cannot logically be secure against bankruptcy because it is funded by COLA diversion, a “convertible note” from GM, future infusions of cash from the company, and “pension pass throughs” which is a convenient vehicle for the company to take money out of our pension fund and use it for health care VEBA.

The health of the VEBA depends on the health of the stock market which peaks every time workers lose jobs, benefits, and wages. The VEBA with its “convertible note” transforms the UAW from an organization whose primary purpose is the defense of workers to an organization that is partners in the exploitation of workers.

The security of the VEBA is reliant on two tier, but the foundation is built on sand.

Vote Your Conscience.

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