A man without a conscience

As we are approaching the deadline for the decertification of the union at Delphi I would like to share some of my own thoughts with you on a man without a conscience.

The Hatchet (Miller) has invaded our territory and is causing
much misery and sorrow throughout our industry and communities.
How can a man disrupt so many lives and sleep good at night?

My feelings are that Miller has convinced himself that this is
the right thing to do. Somewhere along the path of life he has
allowed his mind to become twisted and distorted and he is
actually trying to convince the public that this is the right thing
to do.

With his first bankruptcy success he grew more positive on
what he is doing and now feeds off his ego. He is a very smart
person being highly educated. This is the path of life that HE
chose and I'm sure that I couldn't change his mind that this
is the wrong thing to do.

If he could just look into a mirror and analyze himself I'm sure
that he could figure out that the real problem that lies within
that reflection is "the love of money". When a person falls into
this trap, then there is no conscience to be found.

After his first bankruptcy success his ego grew. From there
the love of money took over the mans life. With each success
for him, his ego grows. He could care less what he is doing to
peoples lives.

He will use the same lawyers and judges to continue on in his
ways. His ego will continue to grow as will his bank account.
Greed has taken over the mans life and he is probably in self
denial that the love of money has taken over his life.

I ask myself "what will it take to stop a person who has no
conscience"? My thoughts are DEFEAT and nothing less will
begin to bring the man down. He has sold his soul to the
devil by falling in love with money and we can do nothing
about that.

But, a DEFEAT would shatter the mans ego. To a man like
himself the ego is ALMOST as important as the money that
he robs from the workers and communities when he brings
in his judges and attorneys.

He will turn into a stark raving mad bull and possibly self
destruct. He has never tasted defeat in what he is doing,
and I can almost guarentee that he won't sleep well at night
when that DEFEAT finally happens.

We can DEFEAT this ego if we are ready to STRIKE and refuse
any and all concessionary contract offers. I'm convinced that
one final offer will be made to the workers that will be hard for
them to refuse in their beaten and battered state of mind.

We must remember that any offer that is concessionary is a
loss for us and a win for Millers ego. He must be CRUSHED
and the only way that I can see to do this is through "NO
CONCESSIONS". No worker likes to strike but when that is
our final option, we must STRIKE. Miller is in our territory and
we can DEFEAT him.

AS we all know, Steve Miller has got to go. But, Steve Miller has
to go by being DEFEATED. DEFEAT is something that the man can't
accept. He is used to winning with his stacked deck of cards.
TOTAL DEFEAT will crush his ego and ultimately his bank account.

This is my view and thoughts on the man without a conscience.
We have the power to DEFEAT and CRUSH him. He is a very
intelligent man, but he is dealing with a very intelligent work
force. We can remove that stacked deck of cards from the mans
hands if we will STRIKE.

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree