A thief is a thief

Good afternoon brothers and sisters, hero's of
the workers and retirees in this great world that
we live in.

I've really confused myself today and my mind
remains in a quandary. When my mind really gets
going there are times that I just can't make sense
of the happenings around me. I can see and hear
what's happening but my mind just can't understand
how the UAW members and retirees allow the IEB
to keep robbing us.

A thief is a thief period. The IEB has taken away
my GM retirement along with many others and
given it to Delphi. This was done under the table
and we had no say about it. We were robbed. Then
many of us retired and our IEB reopened the contract
to rob us of a portion of our health care.

Now the Finger goes public and says "get ready for
more concessions". We were robbed when nothing
was said, so I'm assuming that he is now saying that
we're in for some REAL concessions. The IEB seems
to want us to trust them.

Will you trust a thief? They have stolen from most
of us. They keep talking about the hard times of the
auto industry and that we must take concessions. Sounds
like the company talking doesn't it? Where is the proof
that these concessions need to be made? Is their answer
"trust me"? Me, I don't trust thieves.

The IEB got their pay raise. They have better healthcare
coverage than we do, and two pensions. They don't feel
the pain. WE are going to feel a LOT more pain if we allow
it to happen. What is WRONG with this picture?????

I still can't understand how much of the membership can
put their trust in the IEB. They should be stark raving mad.
They've been robbed and now they trust the IEB to give
concessions. I just don't get it!!! Do you think that the IEB
is going to let Delphi walk the walk? I would have to see
it to believe it. Their partner GM would be hurt by such a
move. We can't hurt our partners can we?

I will need advice on how to set up a protest rally at the
Solidarity House. I've have absolutely no experience on
how to set it up properly. I want to do it right. I really
want to pay these people a visit. It doesn't really matter
if they are there or not. Someone will tell them that we
were there.

If things go well at this rally (lots of people) then I would
like to pay a visit to a couple more places. We can walk
and we can talk. What more do we need? I can use the
exercise. I figure that two to three hour rallies are more
than long enough to exercise my muscles and vocal cords.

My feelings are that we've been quiet in public for too
long. It's almost time to rock and roll and have some fun.
Also, its been quite a while since I've seen many of you.

                In Solidarity
                John Goschka
                Local 699 Retiree