Good morning brothers and sisters, hero's of the
workers and retirees in this great world that we
live in.

In this mornings news I heard that the Chrysler
group was sold to the wolves and I'm sure that
the slaughter will begin shortly after the sale is
completed. My heart goes out to all of those
workers and their families.

As we have seen, we are being torn apart piece
by piece and then we are being stripped of the
wages and retirement packages that we have
earned with our sweat and blood over the years.
Concessions lead us to more concessions until
finally the great RAPE begins.

We all hope that we won't be the next ones to
feel the ax, but we fool ourselves. It's coming
whether we want to believe it or not. We can
only depend on ourselves as workers and retirees
to put a stop to this great rape.

Most of us won't see the light until it's our
turn to be slaughtered. Then a few will see the
light and become active in protesting the great
RAPE that is taking place in the world today.
The great majority of workers and retirees will
just sit on the sidelines and hope that our unions
can concession us out of this mess.

I would say that we can't continue to react to
the slaughters that are happening daily to the
retirees and workers in this great world that we
live in. We must become a united force and become
proactive while we still have something to fight for.
Once we lose something, it's gone forever.

We as a united group can put a stop to this great
RAPE. We can make our VOICES heard BEFORE it's
our turn to be lead to the slaughter. Will we take
the time to get involved, or will we bury our heads
in the sand and let our unions continue to give
concessions to the wolves?

the fact that only YOU can put a stop to this great
RAPE. Yesterday it was Delphi and today it's Chrysler.
WAKE UP to the FACT that tomorrow it will be your
turn. The corrupt and greedy thieves in this world
won't be satisfied until we have to work every day
of our lives. They can never have enough money in
their bloated bank accounts. The slaughter and RAPE
will continue until WE put a stop to it.

Ponder the words that I have written. WE can put
a stop to what's happening. WE can UNITE and stop
it here and now. If we refuse to get involved, then I
would say that we are part of the problem. The RAPE
and slaughter will continue until WE put a stop to it.
YOUR JOBS NEXT!!! You can bank on that!!!!

In Solidarity
John Goschka
Local 699 Retiree