Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Good morning brothers and sisters. The Constitutional
Convention will soon be upon us, and as many of us
already know, our elected delegates will be facing off
with the undemocratic UAW IEB.

I was never a delegate to the convention and really
had no idea or insight on what really goes on at these
conventions. This was one of my many failures for what
is happening in our union today. The times were good
and the paychecks always kept coming in so I was content
to allow things to go on the way they were, and enjoy
the good life.

When the Hatchet (Miller) filed the bankruptcy fraud,
I had a lot of catching up to do on our UAW IEB and on
what was really going on within our union. For me it was
"wakeup time". I turned to the websites and found any-
thing and everything that I could to read and bring myself
back into the real world.

What I found in the different websites shocked me and opened
my eyes. Do you know how our supposed democratic system
works at these conventions? If you have no idea on the
workings of our UAW IEB at these conventions, then I would
recommend that you go to Live Bait & Ammo for for a good
lesson on what really goes on.

I would recommend that one starts at the beginning and read
all of the articles that brother Shot has written over the years
while we were asleep. Take the time to read all of these articles
and get a real understanding what the SOS delegates will be
up against at this convention. Read and understand the frustrations
that they will be enduring.

Although the ranks are growing to return the power to the
workers and the floor level within our union, it will take the
time and energy of many to try to make this happen. Indeed,
the possibility exists that the UAW IEB will not hear the VOICE
of the membership and relinquish the power that they have
stolen from the membership.

These are the truths that will face these delegates as they
try to make our VOICE heard. We can but enlighten ourselves
as to what they will be facing when they try to represent us
at the convention. They will also be busy trying to inform the
uninformed at this convention.

My heart will be with them at the convention. I can never
thank them enough for their attempt at the tasks that will
seem almost impossible to overcome. They will face brick
walls (cut the mike) but they will keep up their pursuit to
represent this membership and open the eyes of the rest
of the delegates.

Again, I would ask all of you who have not already done
so to read ALL of the Live Bait & Ammo articles written
by brother Shot. This will bring you up to speed on what
happens at these conventions. Knowledge and keeping
ourselves informed is part of the key to get us out of this

Take the time to get yourself involved in your future. What
have you got to lose? If you don't get involved, the answer
is an easy one. How about decent wages, benefits and a
retirement? The FIGHT is now and it's at your doorsteps.
It's time to support your delegates and to get involved. What
have you got to lose?

          In Solidarity
          John Goschka
          Local 699 Retiree