Delphi-UAW deal: Sign of the future ?

This is the same old story of our union pitting workeragainst worker. They buy off the older workers andthen offer carrots to the younger workers to sell outthe remaining older workers.

There is no solidarity within the UAW IEB. They continue to pit worker against worker. Our IEB will proclaim a victory if this contract passes and they will be all smiles with their pearly whites showing. GM, Ford, andChrysler will be next.

As I have stated, there is NO solidarity in our union representatives. When will the workers and retireesWAKE UP? We will continue to lose everything until we make a stand against these vultures!!!!!

We expect our UAW IEB to protect us and the oppositeis going on. When will we make a stand and take back
what is ours?

Look at what we have lost during the past two years (non contract years) and open your eyes on what to expect on the new contract. It won'tbe pretty!!!

We do have a choice and we must make our VOICES heard. The pitting of worker against worker must stop,and we must FIGHT to put solidarity within our ranks once again.

The race to the bottom continues!!! We can and must put a stop to it!!!!

SOS,John Goschka