Delphi retirees may lose benefits

I really wonder what GM and Delphi are up to now.Delphi has taken care of my health insurance costs since I retired on 3-01-04. I had 34 years of senority with GM when they pulled the Delphi scam. I retired with over 39 years of service, and was screwed into a Delphi retirement.

Two weeks ago I received a letter in the mail stating
that GM will now provide for my health care. As of
2-01-09 they will begin taking out the deductions from
my retirement pay that all GM retirees have been
paying right along. Delphi didn't have these deductions.

Im not complaining about moving to GM coverage, but
I'm well aware that the "powers that be" usually do this
for a reason. As we have all heard, Delphi is going
to screw the salaried workers and retirees.

Did anyone else that had Delphi health insurance
get a notice that they are now covered by GM? If
so, how many years did you work for GM before you
were "Delphied?"

Thank you,