Food for thought

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. As I
try to get my grass cut, this one question
keeps gnawing at me and has beckoned me
for my answer. I won't share my answer
with you because it's a question that we
all must answer for ourselves.

Who is the bigger thief - the person that
steals money or the person that accepts
the money knowing that it's stolen money.
In this case I will call it blood money. Miller
and the corporate cronies are stealing OUR
money and livelihoods with our UAW IEB's

In my mind this does indeed does become
blood money. Does the persons accepting this
money from the thief knowing that it's blood
money then become the bigger thief?

It's a food for thought question. Toss it around
in your minds and see what your answer is.
Now I can get back to cutting my grass.

      In Solidarity
      John Goschka
      Local 699 Retiree