How commited are we?

Good morning brothers and sisters, the hero's
of the workers and retirees in this great world
that we live in.

We are indeed in the Alamo and surrounded.
We have a good indication of who our enemies
are, but surely we don't know all of them. We
can only guess and I'm sure that there will be
some surprises.

Uniting the workers and retirees is at best a
very slow process. The retirees know or should
know what solidarity is all about. Will it take the
loss of more benefits to get them united? Your
guess is as good as mine. If we have such a
hard time uniting the retirees, I believe that it
will take much more to unite the young workers.

Can it be done? My answer is YES, YES, and
YES. Will it take an open mind on our part to
accomplish this. Definitely YES. Will it involve
struggles and risks? Again, YES. Are all of us
committed to the struggle which lies ahead?

Someone will come up with the answer on how
to get out of the Alamo and survive. Will it take
new ideas and a new approach to accomplish
this? I really believe that it will. It will take a
new approach and it will make history. We can't
rely on the old way of doing things. There will
have to be a new way which will shock the world.

This is my belief. Many of us may be uneducated,
but we do have common sense. It is my belief
that the common sense (or uncommon sense) will
prevail in this great RARE that is taking place in
our world today. Education is great and needed,
but education always seems to follow the books.

Common sense isn't locked into theories, or the
way that something has has to be done. Common
sense has no boundary and that's the beauty in
having it. Many times it will be hard for the person
to get his true thoughts across to others and
that's where we will have to have an open mind
to HEAR what that person is saying. We must HEAR
the message that is trying to be presented.

My feelings are that the answer is out there. Most
likely it will come from an older worker or from a
retiree. We MUST really listen to what that person is
saying. It will take bold NEW ideas to stop this
RAPE and unite the people again. We will have to
train our ears to really listen to what is being said.

Good old common sense and a new approach to
the problems that we are facing can and will turn
this RAPE around. When that answer appears will
we keep an open mind to it? Will we listen and
think about it before we reject it? Think outside
of the old way labor struggles have been fought.
Open the mind to anything goes. How can we
make history and unite the workers and retirees
in this great world that we live in?

It can be done. Our minds only have the limits
that we place on them. When the answer appears,
are we committed to follow through with it? There
will probably be risks and burdens associated with
what must be done. Silence will be of the utmost
importance. Can we do it, or better yet, will we
commit to do it when the time arrives?

These are the thoughts that I leave all of you
with. The answer is out there and we would be
foolish to post it on ANY web site. Open our minds
and be creative. The answer is there. We can find
it. I put my trusts and hopes into YOU my fellow
brothers and sisters. WE as a united mind can
stand in solidarity and show the world what true
solidarity is all about. Then our younger brothers
and sisters will see what true solidarity is all about
and they will want to be a part of it.

        In Solidarity
        John Goschka
        Local 699 Retiree