Incompetence and brainwash

Good morning brothers and sisters of this great
world that we live in. My mind is ever churning
during the great duress that we are being forced
to live with during these uncertain times and I
will share my thoughts with you.

I'm going to focus on the incompetence at GM
and the brainwash that they use to avoid the
real issues. GM's market share has fallen to below
25 percent from around 50 percent ten years
ago. Everyone is concerned but very few will
speak up to the incompetent leadership that is
bankrupting this company.

The leadership keeps promising that things will
get better while they are headed for doom. The
problems are being blamed on the legacy costs
and high wages. The stockholders buy into this
crap and continue to lose money on their holdings
while the company and sales continue to decline.

Management will promise anything to cover up
their incompetence. They will sell off profitable
holdings along with some of the holdings that they
never should have had in the first place and say
that things will get better.

They will close factories thus conceeding market
share loss. They will add to the burden of legacy
costs by forcing people to retire who are not yet
ready to retire. They are giving up market share
and not being held accountable for it. The foreign
companies are thriving in our country while the
big three falter.

If I had a fox in the chicken coop and half of my
chickens disappeared I would be inclined to get rid
of the fox. I could cut the rations for the chickens
and sell off the cattle and swine to try and stay in
business but to me this would be stupidity. The chickens
will still disappear. The neighbor doesn't have a fox in
his chicken coop and he is thriving.

Giving up market share while adding to legacy costs
will cost the retirees big time in the coming years. If
a company is gaining market share then they are more
profitable and able to sustain the legacy costs and keep
their promises to the retirees. Even our president of
the UAW can't see this fact because he has become
set in his concessionary ways.

The brainwash ways of the incompetent must be seen
for what it is. BRAINWASH!! We will all suffer, workers,
retirees, stockholders, parts suppliers, and America until
the big bosses are held accountable for their actions. Forget
what they are saying and look at their results. Judge them
on their deeds not on promises. It's easy to blame someone
else when things go wrong.

Incompetence is incompetence. Brainwash is brainwash. If
everyone can recgonize the difference between the two then
we could have thriving American auto companies once again
in America. Until we can SEE and ACT, brainwash will rule in
all of its glory.

       In Solidarity
       John Goschka
       Local 699 Retiree