Is the message being heard?

Good morning again to the hero's of the workers
and retirees in this great world of ours. I always
call our world a great world because we can make
it great again if we really want to. The want is
there, so one of these days it will happen.

Is our message being heard and are the workers
finally being awakened? My answer to this question
is "yes" it's starting to take root. All of the hard work
and efforts are beginning to show forth their fruits.

Gregg and Todd your marvelous efforts and messages
have produced fruits. It's a slow process as we all know
but I'm beginning to see an awakening even within our
local UAW representatives. Our local president spoke
out against the latest GM/Delphi proposal as soon as it
was made public.

A bargaining chairman from a local that had asked the
people who were handing out fliers at that local to leave
the premises also spoke out against the offer. At the time
that he asked us to leave and I quote, he said that "I'm
waiting for direction from our UAW IEB. Well, he must have        
gotten tired of waiting for that direction.

Slowly but surely the lips are becoming unsealed and
VOICES are opening up. Even the hard core UAW representatives
are beginning to speak their minds without the UAW IEB's

This is a great stride for the workers of the world. They are
using their VOICE and starting to VOICE their opinions with-
out the UAW IEB"s direction. The UAW IEB wouldn't condem
this latest laughable offer when it was made public but local
union representatives could finally speak out.

Brothers and sisters, keep up the good work. The VOICE is
being heard. It's a slow process but I'm hopeful that we will
hear the lion roar "VOICE" when it's Miller time.

            In Solidarity
            John Goschka
            Local 699 Retiree