It's just a crying shame

Good evening brothers and sisters. A couple of months
ago I wrote an article on my friend who worked at Towers
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The doors were being shut and
the workers were being offered nothing, zero, zilch.

Here is an update on what has happened since that time.
The workers attorney's fought the case in court and won?
full retirement pay for the workers who had enough years
to retire, $0.00 severance pay, a loss of $936 a month in
health care (the retirees must now pay that amount) and
not even enough life insurance to bury the retiree.

I'm not sure how many voted on this concessionary contract
but there were only four votes against it. The rest were yes
votes. They accepted the RAPE with only 4 no votes. They
grabbed what they could get and ran.

But, there were only 4 no votes and guess what? I'll use my
friends own words to inform you on what happened. "The
worst part is that the attorney's for the creditors of Towers
have filed a complaint with the courts because the company
didn't take away enough as they didn't touch any of our
pension dollars".

Now it's back into the court system again to see what the
judge says. I'm here to tell you John, they want it all!!! No
matter what you give, it's never enough. I tried to tell
people that before they voted".

This is what is going to happen to us if we refuse to fight
back. 4 no votes were a sign of weakness. Back to the
court system. The concessionary contract had been ratified
but no matter, they want more.

Now look at us. The concessionary door has been opened to
RAPE the retirees. It doesn't take a college educated person
to figure out what is going to happen to us in the future. It's
going to be gone. Most of our retirement and benefits will go
into corporate pockets. What is happening at Tower's WILL
happen to us if we don't FIGHT.

Brothers and sisters I can't defend the workers who accept
concessionary contracts when the option is there to STRIKE.
What can I say? Only the TRUTH. We are going to lose what
we have. I can almost write a guarentee on that statement.

The workers will continue to lose and then the retirees will lose.
Until the workers get the backbone to do what has to be done,
we will all lose. Wake up world. Wake up workers and retirees.
The golden corporate parachute is open and everything is falling
on the corporations headquarters. What we lose we will never
get back.

I'm crying, I'm pleading and I'm beckoning all of you for your own
sakes, wake up the workers. They have nothing to lose by STRIKING.
They can stop the bleeding with a NO VOICE on concessions. Until
that happens, WE will lose and keep on losing. They want it ALL. If
we don't fight, they're going to get most of it. STRIKE, STRIKE, and
STRIKE. That is the only answer. Until that happens, we will all lose.

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree