I wonder

Good morning brothers and sisters. I just
wanted to make a quick comment on the
latest postponement on the ruling to void
the the union contracts.

First of all, I would ask "what union contract?"
As far as I'm concerned, that contract has
been null and void for years. The contract
is in force for the companies but not for the
workers and retirees. So why void it? Our
UAW IEB company partners are making sure
that this is a one sided contract.

For those of us that remember the canceled
protest at Flint Delphi East because of snow?
we must remember that the chairman of that
local was appointed to the UAW IEB. Just
another "good old boy". So I would ask "why"
wait until next week to rule on voiding a non-
existent contract?

You don't think that Miller has plans of being
appointed to the UAW IEB do you? LOL! He
would fit right into that den of thieves. Maybe
the UAW IEB could teach him a few new tricks.

        In Solidarity
        John Goschka
        Local 699 Retiree