Let's Democratize the Unions!

Let's seize our Solidarity House. It's ours
to begin with so let's take it back and get
our union headed in the right direction.

We don't need to pay the UAW IEB bums
to concession us to death. We need
leadership and representation for our union

We need leaders who understand solidarity
and who will represent the workers who are
paying for representation. We need a democratic
leadership instead of dictators who are looking
out for themselves and their own financial

We can't win in this war until we unite and
tackle the small problems first. We will soon
be voting for government officials and trying
to turn this mess around. Well, I say that no
matter who we elect, the problems aren't
going to go away.

Until the workers have had enough, this great
RAPE will continue. When they decide that they
have had enough and UNITE, the first of the
battles in the war can begin.

We can inform and try to organize resistance.
This must continue until the working people
decide that they are ready to fight. The battles
will eventually come, but not until the workers
are ready to fight.

We have some great leaders who truly understand
solidarity, but until they have a big following the
Rape will continue.

If we don't do what the boss tells us to do, he can
fire us. We are the boss of our UAW IEB and we can't
fire them. What is wrong with this picture?

              SOS, John Goschka