More of my humble opinion

Good morning brothers and sisters. The fate of Delphi
draws ever nearer as we try to inform and wake up the
workers and retirees in this great world of ours. As we
all know, this is no easy task. But with persistance in
getting our message out we know that the world is
hearing the TRUTH and we also know that at some point
the workers and retirees will revolt against the concessions
that will push them into poverty.

How long before this revolt will happen? Your guess is as
good as mine. Rest assured that it will happen. We can
just hope that it happens sooner than later. Many lives
and future lives are being changed for the worse during
this time of fraud and corporate greed. Until the people
are ready to put a stop to it, we can only keep spreading
the TRUTH and give them hope.

I'm compelled to write again on the article that was
written by Dale Russakoff a Washington Post Staff Writer,
in which (in my opinion) he tries to portray Gettelfinger
as a visionary man and even goes so far as to portray
him as "the chaplain of the UAW."

This article on "Union Leader Presides Over Painful
Changes" has been in control of my thoughts since
reading it. The article really bothers me and I decided
to share more of my thoughts on it.

If one is a visionary person and knows what is going
to happen in the future (there people like this) then
would it not have been better to slow down the wage
increases during contract negotiations so that one
wouldn't have to negotiate concessions in the future?
To me, this would be the only common sense approach
to the problem if I could see it coming.

What about Delphi? Many of us had a vision when Delphi
was spun off. My vision was correct on this spinoff. Was
yours? I don't claim to be a visionary person. When changes
happen and they get stuffed down my throat, I always
follow my "gut feelings." In this instance, my "gut fellings"
(vision) was correct.

My view on this is that if a person is a visionary person,
then how and the heck did all of this happen to begin with.
If Gettlelfield could see what was coming then he certainly
could have taken a different approach in negotiations to
counter the problems that we are facing today. Nope! I just
don't believe that he is a visionary person. A dictator, YES.

I have been drawn into following the visions of a brother
who has a documented his visions over the years. His visions
have been clear and concise (in my opinion) and they have
given me insite into the enemy and how they operate. Gregg
Shotwell's "Live Bait & Ammo" appears to me to be "right on
the money" in the direction that we are headed.

Gregg pushes democracy. Our UAW IEB doesn't have a clue
on how a true democracy operates. The UAW IEB will keep
forcing concessionary contracts down our throats. Show the
"highlights" and then hit the membership with the "lowlights."

"Chaplain of the UAW"? Not in my book. Isn't a chaplain
supposed to be an honest person also? I can see NO honesty
in the operations of our UAW IEB. Until this changes, we have
no VOICE, no security, and quite possibly a bleak future, whether
working or retired. This isn't the American dream. This is the
American nightmare. And this misery is throughtout the whole

Our UAW IEB will remain a dictatorship until we decide to change
it. It will take the strength of our membership to get it resolved.
Other unions face the same challenges that we do. We must fight
to get democracy back into our unions or else they will continue
to operate as corporate partners and dictators. WE are the union!
WE are the VOICE! WE are the government! Until WE stand ready
to FIGHT for what is OURS (democracy), we will continue to lose
control. It is OURS. When will WE FIGHT for it????

Brothers and sisters, I can only tell you that my "gut fellings"
tell me that there will be a revolt to the fraud and the RAPE
that we are enduring. The revolt will come. I'm not a visionary
person so I can't tell when that revolt will happen. Many more
lives may be ruined before it does happen. The workers and
retirees will dictate when they have had enough. Until that revolt
happens, we can only keep spreading the TRUTH. The TRUTH will
open eyes. The TRUTH is all that we have to rely on. When the
TRUTH is seen and finally heard, we will indeed have our day.

           In Solidarity
           John Goschka
           Local 699 Retiree