My reflections on the Delphi struggle in the year gone by

Good morning brothers and sisters, hero's of the workers
and retirees in this great world that we live in.

I would like too take the time to reflect on my thoughts
on the labor struggles during this past year. Every day
that passes is history when the new day arrives. Thus
the years pass also. It's history and gone forever. We
will never be able to relive any of those days, but we can
and should learn from them.

We at Delphi have experienced what happens when the
Devil himself comes to town. The fears, emotional swings,
the utter feelings of helplessness. The few did rise up
against this corruption, and indeed they would be heard.
But, what about the vast majority of the workers and
retirees? They would set the sidelines and believe in our
UAW IEB to defend us through concessions.

Even as the storm clouds darkened and we saw our brothers
and sisters in other industries losing their jobs and being
thrown out too the wolves, we could not unite the workers
and retirees too stop this great RAPE that we are experiencing.
The CEO's are rolling and playing in their new found riches, and
they are being given unconscionable bonuses and stock options.

The rich can't take their money with them when their life is
over here on earth. Yet, they can't seem to get enough of it.
They will suck the lifeblood from the poor to enhance their own
egos and bellies. They will steal billions of dollars from the workers
and then donate pennies to worthwile causes and "SHOUT, SEE,
WE CARE". Where there is no conscience, there is no mercy!!!

The workers and retirees at Delphi seem to have been pacified
for the most part through this great concessionary RAPE. Many
are unhappy with the results of what has happened, but they are
not mad enough to fight. They seem to look at the other industries
who have closed their doors and moved their operations overseas
with the attitude that "we have fared well". Where is SOLIDARITY
with that kind of an attitude?

Are we any better than the CEO's with this kind of an attitude? If
we don't stand and fight for our brothers and sisters, do we not
also suck the lifeblood from the poor? Yes, I make more money in
retirement than the new two tier wage earners earn while working.
I also have benefits, They have NONE. Do I want to give up any of
the retirement or benefits that I recieve? HELL NO! Am I willing to
SHOUT and FIGHT for my brothers and sisters? HELL YES. It's the
LEAST that I can do.

Yes, many are content too leave things as they are right now at
Delphi. But, they just fool themselves. Concessions are just that,
CONCESSIONS. The door has been opened WIDE and the concessionary
flow is in a direction that will hurt us more than we can imagine. THEY
WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!! I will write you a guarentee on that.

Have the people who have stood and fought altered the original plans
for the Devils advocates on their planned bankruptcy? I say, "yes they
have". Miller and his henchmen weren't used to a fight. They always
relied on the workers and union to just lay down and roll over. It just
didn't happen this time. The union played dead while being RAPED, but
a band of people who understood the true meaning of SOLIDARITY got
together and became a pain in the ass to the bankruptcy conspiracy.

I say that this band of dissidents, rogues, or whatever THEY choose
to call them, understands the true meaning of SOLIDARITY. They squeaked
like a mouse and the powers that be trembled. History was altered for
the time being. Can we see the writing on the wall? Are we willing to read
that writing? Do we understand that the battle hasn't even begun yet?
The concessionary advotaces WILL be back. They never got what they
wanted, you must know that. They will be back.

Will we bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best? Their plans
have changed, but their goals remain the same. If we can't
see this writing on the wall and take the time to prepare for it, then
they will eventually crush us. They will find a way to quiet the squeaking
mouse and crush it also. If we would but unite and show the powers that be
what true SOLIDARITY is all about, we can change history instead of just
altering it. The mouse would become a lion. A lion ROARS and will FIGHT.

Miller and his cronies tried to give Delphi away to their friends for around
3.2 billion dollars. The offer was well recieved by the henchmen and appeared
to have been accepted. But, wait. A new offer for 4.7 billion dollars was
put on the table. Another greedy interest in Delphi? The henchmen must
be up in arms. That is an automatic 1.5 billion dollars that won't reach
their bloated bank accounts. The Scrooge has struck.

Miller is no longer the CEO of Delphi. What's up now? Stay tuned, I'm
sure that more surprises will be in store for us. O'Neal will be a puppet
to the bankruptcy charades and fill his pockets also.

As I have previously stated, I believe that the brave few have altered
the history of Delphi. But, my beliefs are that alterations are not good
enough. We need to change history not only for Delphi, but for the workers
of the world. We most continue the fight for decent wages and health
care benefits. We can't rely on our politicans and unions too make this
happen. If we want it, we will have to UNITE and FIGHT for it.

The mouse will eventually be crushed. But the lion, that's a different story.
If the lion will ROAR, I believe that history can and will be changed. Until
that time, we will continue to squeak and hope to continue to alter history.

These are my views and thoughts as we soon enter into another new year.
I will not attempt to suck the lifeblood from the poor. I will strive to do my
best to help them throughout my life. They are my brothers and sisters.

      Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.
      In Solidarity,
      John Goschka
      Local 699 Retiree