My thoughts

Good morning brothers and sisters, the hero's of the workers and retirees in this great world that we live in. The struggles before us seem insurmount-able as we press forward in our battle to preservethe middle class way of a living standard. 

I sit here dwelling on my thoughts and thought thatI would share them with you. I look back to when theSOS first began and where we are at today. I believe that we have lost many battles but at the same time we have made great progress in the war. We have failed in our attempts to organize for the battles, but at the same time we have been able to enlighten many on what's really going on in the world today. 

Many people who would never have thought to speak out against corporations and our own unions now have the backbone to make their VOICES heard and suffer the consequences of the union dictators. This may or may not have happened without the involved SOS. The individuals speaking out are ready to risk their jobs tofight for what is right. These individuals are true hero's in my eyes.

We can't seem to organize because we don't seem tohave a clear view on what to do or has to be done. We can see what we're shooting for, but we don't have a clear plan on how to get there, or do we? We have had great success in informing and predicting what will happenas we move forward. The TRUTH is slowly taking hold and many more people are being drawn into this TRUTH. 

I look back into history to find answers and really, I have found no answers for the situation that we are in. Things have changed a great deal from that time period until the present day troubles. People are being brainwashed by the media, we have lost the representation of our unions, the internet and all of its technology, free?? trade, the lack of good paying jobs (which has pitted worker against worker in the race to the bottom), and on and on!!

I don't have an answer for the problems that we are facing.If I did, I would share it with you and we could take care of this GREAT RAPE of the workers in the world. My feelings are that history may not be able to get us where we want to go.History is great, but many of us including myself become locked into history through our thoughts. We tend to look back on our own experiences and learnings and draw conclusions from them. Our minds close as we grow older and we become less acceptable to new ideas. Our minds will continue to allow us to look into that past where we are comfortable, and it will hinder our thoughts on new ideas and new ideas presented to us for our thoughts.

Each and every person will place locks on their train of thought, some more and some less depending on our experiences here on earth. The young have open minds and are eager to accept new ideas and new ways of doing things. Their minds for the most part are open and will receive information like water is drawn into a sponge. They have many new ideas and we the older people will crush many of these ideas based on our past biased experiences. IF the idea DOES NOT fit into our train of thought, we won't even give the idea a chance. 

These are just MY thoughts and I struggle with them. Can I keep an open mind to new ideas? Will I crush new ideas that don't fit my thought pattern or past history. Can I accept a new way of fighting the war as we move forward? Can I at least give a new idea a chance before condemning it. If I can't propose new ideas can I at least keep an open mind to the new ideas presented?  Yes, I have many biases and short fallings within me. I can only hope to recgonize many of these short fallings and act upon them.I'm only human (biased opinion - many people would say "not") and can only hope to accept and correct my own personal flaws asI recgonize them. Will I make mistakes along the way? You can count on it!! I'm only human?? and I'm biased in my thoughts.

In Solidarity
John Goschka
Local 699 Retiree