Good morning brothers and sisters in this great
movement of ours. You have heard the news on
what Delphi has done and we stand ready to
fight for the workers and retirees in this great
world of ours.

The rich class of people have been filling many
peoples minds with gloom and doom while we try
to fill those minds with hope and a way to lead
them out of the terrible mess that has been
imposed upon us.

I let my mind wander this morning on the subject
of concessions and trying my darndest to figure
out how a person can feel content with giving in
to concessions and feeling good about it.

As many of us know, psychology and brainwashing
plays the major role in this feeling of helplessness.
Keep beating the people with the same message
long enough and many of them will begin to believe
that message.

My firm belief is that Delphi would have been a done
deal had it not been for the Soldiers Of Solidarity and
the people within the ranks of this great movement
that have resisted the psychology and brainwashing
that has been used on us.

Look at how the UAW IEB got a concessionary health
care plan passed. Show the highlights of the plan, then
convince the workers that it won't cost them a thing in
up front money. A big part of that plan was to force the
retirees to pay more for their health care costs and
many of the retirees felt comfortable in helping out the

There were really no mass outcries on the RAPE of their
benefits. Lawsuits were filed and only a small number joined
the lawsuit ranks. Had the outcry been by the majority of
the retirees, the outcome could have been different. But,
now we sit and wait for the LOWlights of the concessions.
And I really believe that the LOWlights of that agreement
will follow down the road.

Now we come to the Delphi bankruptcy. The SOS stood
in the way of plans for this to be a done deal. So, Delphi
offers $9.50 an hour in wages. The UAW IEB shouts it's
objection to this slap in the face to the workers.

The next offer is $12.50 an hour in wages. The UAW IEB
again shouts it's objections to the outrageous offer. The
final offer before motioning the courts to decertify the
union is $16.50 an hour with new hires being hired at $12.00 an hour. The UAW IEB remains silent until meeting with the  local union representatives. Then they go public denouncing the offer.

Now Delpli has said that they will dispose of 21 of their 29
operations here in the United States. The workers are now
totally demoralized. The gloom and doom is fed to them in
full force. They have very little hope left and are at rock
bottom on outlooks for their future.

Now GM/Delphi and the UAW IEB can step in with a better?
concessionary offer and hope that the workers will fall for it.  Beat them down and then offer them some hope. Will the working force have been beaten down far enough to grab ahold of a concessionary offer and end up feeling good about it? Time will tell.

These are just my thoughts on how the psychology and
brainwash takes over the rational of good thinking and
forces people to make irrational decisions. Take away all
hope and the workers will finally grab at something.

We feed the message of hope to the workers and know
what has to be done to even the playing field and begin
to turn the tide in the right direction. We also know that
it will take a STRIKE to get the job done. We all know that
"it's Miller time".

If the work force has been demoralized enough to accept
a concessionary offer, then God help us all. There is no
security in concessions as we all know and all of these jobs
will be lost. Many of today's workers have no idea at all
about STRIKES and how they help the working force.

I keep hearing from the working force how they can't afford a strike financially. I keep telling them that they can't afford not to strike for financial reasons. If they give up anything at all, it's gone forever. Fight to keep what you have and you will be rewarded in the long run.

It's Miller time. I will see many of you in Detroit on Monday.
Keep feeding the true and honest message to the working
force and pray that that message gets through to them.

           In Solidarity
           John Goschka
           Local 699 Retiree

Psychology and brainwashing