Rally at the Capitol in Lansing

Good evening brothers and sisters, hero's to the
workers and retirees in this great world that we
live in.

I had retired for the night and I couldn't get to
sleep. I had a lot on my mind and decided to share
my thoughts with you. Maybe after getting this into
words, my mind will rest and I will be able to enjoy
a good nights sleep.

I attended the American Dream rally that was held
on our State Capitols steps today and I must admit
that I had absolutely no idea on what the rally would
be like. I'm just a naive country boy that decided to
attend a large rally and hopefully find something to
inspire me.

My wife came along with me to the rally and this was
her first and probably last rally that she will attend. The
young lady that sang our national anthem did a splendid
job and had a beautiful voice. The 5 gentlemen that sang
different songs during the rally were wonderful.

I felt right at home in the large crowd of my brothers and
sisters who had taken the time to attend the rally. The large
American Dream Rally. It was set to begin and I got the
feeling that I wasn't going to like what I saw. I was there for
some meat and potatoes and soon learned that all that I was
going to get was a dog and pony show with a lot of B.S.

The speakers started talking and I got bored real quick. I
moved around the crowd and talked to some people that I
knew and ran into brother Shot and his wife and talked to
them for a little while. Then Governor Grandholm was set
to talk so I joined my wife again and listened to the Governors
message. She proceded to tear the Republicans and President
Bush apart.

Other than that and her political pitch, I received absolutely
nothing to reassure me that I could depend on my State
Representation for help. Words, words, and more words.
Knock the Republicans and condem the high gas prices.

No meat and potatoes there. Just empty words and bash
the Republicans. "I have plans and ideas". Empty words. Give
me those plans and ideas if there really are any and I'll decide
if there is any merit to them. I couldn't see any help coming
from this corner of the world.

More speakers and more Republican bashing. No meat and
potatoes, just words. Then it was time for Senator Debbie
Stabinaw to speak. The exodus of the crowd began to take
place on a large scale. I didn't listen to her message because
I figured that the stage had been set and surely she would
follow suit. Bash the Republicans and do a little politicing.

I just wanted to get ahold of that mike for about a half an
hour and ask some questions that would force the issue on
whether or not we depend on any of them for some type of
help other than B.S. to preserve the American Dream. If I
had been allowed to ask a couple of questions I'm sure that
my brothers and sisters would have stayed longer and got
themselves involved in the discussions.

But alas, it was not allowed to happen. Dog and pony shows
turn the crowds away and futher disallusion the people. The
politicans just keep evading the main issue.

Be it a Democrat or a Republican, I just don't trust them. How
can I? I don't get any enjoyment out of one party bashing the
other. It's just a game to avoid standing up to issues. I never
hear what they stand for and what their plans or ideas are.
Could it be that they don't have any???

I'll stand with my brothers and sisters. That's where my comfort
zone is. When they have had enough and decide to do what
has to be done, I'll be right beside them. I can trust them and
I can trust their words. I'll never allow a politican to cover my
rear. When the going gets tough, I'd be standing alone. That
will never happen with my brothers and sisters.

Now that I've written my thoughts on the days happenings,
I'll try again for a good nights rest. I've been disallusioned
also but it only strengthens my resolve to get the mess that
is facing us back on the right track. Together we can do it.
When we decide to take control of our future again, then and
only then will it happen. Are you ready yet?

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree