Reflecting on my thoughts

Good afternoon brothers and sisters, the hero's
of the workers and retirees in this great world
that we live in.

Today my mind was in high gear again so I'm
going to share my thoughts with you again. To
me, it almost seems that I'm a day late and a
dollar short on many happenings. Then, when
I'm ready to make things happen, it seems like
the crowds of people aren't ready to make
things happen.

I'm from the hippies and yuppies age. I didn't
get involved in drugs and all of the protests
in the later 60's and early 70's. I was drafted
and went to Vietnam and came back home and
returned to work. I stayed out of trouble and
tried to lead what I thought was a normal life.

Now I've grown older and I'm seeing the assault
on the workers and retirees in this great world
that we live in. Now, I'm ready to FIGHT as are
some of the other people who just can't stand
to sit back and watch as the corporate world

But, where are the crowds of protesters that
we had forty years ago? They seem to have
grown content over the years while the opposite
has happened to me. I'm ready to do whatever
needs to be done to stop this RAPE, and the vast
majority of people seem to have lost that will to

I have been trying to motivate retirees for months
now and about only one in twenty respond to the
call. I don't go after the retirees that are working
but after the retirees that have time or are really
mad at what's happening to us today. I especially
like to approach the ones that boast about what
they would like to do to correct these problems.

But, what I'm finding is that talk is talk and boasting
is boasting. When I tell these people that they can
get involved and make a difference, then the excuses
begin to fly. "I'm too busy". "Get back with me in about
six months". "I'm going to be on medicare pretty soon
so I'll be OK". "I've got enough money stuck away so
I should be OK".  "I'm thinking about picking up a job
to supplement my income so I might be to busy". "I'm
concerned so keep in touch and keep me informed".

Have we also become the I, I, me, me generation?
Have most of us come to the point where as long as
WE are OK that we won't worry about our brothers
and sisters? I surely hope that this is not the case.
"I don't want to become involved". "This is my input
on the subject so let someone else do it". "I will
become involved when the majority of the people
become involved".

What has happened to this once rebellious  group
of people? Can and will they rebel if they lose enough
of their benefits? Will they ever become involved? Don't
give up on them brothers and sisters. I haven't. I will keep
spreading the TRUTH until they listen to that TRUTH.
We have to trust our instincts that at some point
they will listen and become involved.

Last Sunday I talked to a retired GOB who stayed
involved with union politics after he retired. We
haven't talked much since his retirement and he
knew that I was involved with the SOS. I really
hope to see him at the protest rally at Delphi on

Wouldn't it be an easy job to get people involved
if all we had to do was to pull in the boasters and
complaining retirees? We indeed must work and
spread the word, the TRUTH on the situation that
we are in. We must inform each and every retiree.
We must also be able to bear the excuses and
lack of response from them at this time.

The retirees who will get involved now are out
there. We will find them if we keep spreading the
TRUTH. We may only get one out of twenty people
involved that we talk to, but that will be one more
than what we had. Are we really, really committed?
This is what it will take to bring new faces into
our group.

I continue to feel out of synchronization with my
generation but I can deal with it. What I can't deal
with is the great RAPE that is taking place to the
workers and retirees in this great world. I will FIGHT.
I hope to see all of you Friday.

        In Solidarity
        John Goschka
        Local 699 Retiree