After thinking more about silence and its psychological power on
the mind, I felt compelled to share more of my thoughts
on the use of this power and how in reality it is used
to control people.

Let's say that I'm at war and in this big battle where
I'm surrounded by the enemy. My fighting force is large
but I don't know for sure how large the enemy force is.
If I leave my position I'm sure that I'll face instant death
( my mind is already playing tricks on me).

We have plenty of ammunition, food and water, so we
decide to stay right where we're at and fight. But then
the enemy stops shooting at us. SILENCE. We know
that we are surrounded but there is nothing but SILENCE.

Now the mind game begins. We are left with our thoughts.
We can survive for a long time but eventually we will have
to fight or else surrender. Each and every mind will be
thinking during this time period. As time drags on, The troops
become more and more irratible. They have no idea what
will happen when they run out of food.

SILENCE. They know that they are surrounded but they
still don't know the size of the enemy force. SILENCE. The
mind is still at work. How can we get out of this? SILENCE.
The mind is eating away at the troops. The days go on
and on. SILENCE. The food is running out and a decision
will have to be made soon. SILENCE.

Finally the silence is broken for a moment. If we surrender
our lives will be spared. WE will become prisionars of war.
Then there is SILENCE. Our minds work in overtime again.
We can fight for our freedom. We still don't know how
large the enemy force is. We can surrender and become
prisioners of war.

We are now out of food and have to make a decision.
Finally a voice speaks again. Surrender and your lives
will be somewhat easy as POW's. This is our final offer.

What would you do? The SILENCE has finally ended and
now you have a choice to make. Fight the unknown? You
don't know how large the enemy force is. Give in and
trust that the enemy is telling you the truth? You will
have it somewhat easy as a POW.

One thing is for sure. You have the weapons and
ammunition for a good fight. Or, you can choose to
take the enemy at his word and surrender and become
a POW. What choice would you make? It's decision
time and the SILENCE has ended.

If and when you are put into this position, what will
your decision be?

     In Solidarity
     John Goschka
     Local 699 Retiree