Stand ready

You give freely of your VOICE and time to inform
all of those that will listen, the TRUTH and TRUE
message of what has to be done in order to stop
the great RAPE and ROBBERY of the workers and
retirees in the world today.

Your VOICE is being heard around the globe and
even though many won't get involved and try to
stop this RAPE, your VOICE sends TRUTH and HOPE
to the many that will become involved in the battle
to preserve the middle class wages and their way of

History has shown us what is how the corporate
world plans to deprive every worker of decent wages
and benefits. Buy off the politicans (lobbying), change
the laws to benefit crooks and buy off the unions.

The trickle down theory of economics worked just like
the work smarter theory at work did. We kept waiting
for the truth to appear and it finally did. Shovel the money
up to the top and work harder.

We are a people who like to accept a message as factual.
The corrupt use this fact of acceptance to their advantage
and plant seeds of doubt, half truths and outright lies to
make us believe just about anything. Look at all of the in-
formation that we are given daily.

We get bombarded with facts and news almost continually
during the day in this fast paced life that we live in. Most
of the time we just accept or reject these messages and
continue on our way.

How many of these so called facts and messages are true?
How many are misleading or outright lies? We never know for
sure because we will accept or reject them without actually
checking to see if there is any merit to them. We don't have
the time to check to see if they are all factual.

Therein lies all of our weakness. If we hear the same lie long
enough, we will begin to believe it. Our human condition will
let us accept this lie as truth. We have seen no facts or figures
to warrant the acceptance of this lie, but because we have
heard it so much and so often, we accept it as truth.

Every day important?? people are telling us information and
giving us facts and figures without ever producing those facts
and figures or telling us where they got them from so that we
can check to see if it's true or not. We just accept or reject

Have you ever stepped back and just reflected on how much
actual truths, half truths, and outright lies that you receive
each and every day? Yet, as human nature does it's thing, we
will accept or reject what we have heard without ever checking
to see if it was truthful or a lie.

Remember, this is human nature and a lack of time that causes
us to do this. Do you think that the powerful people in the
world knows that this human condition exists? You can bet
your last dollar do. Do you think that they use our weakness
to their advantage? Again, I'd bet my last dollar on it.

Feed the message long enough and people will begin to believe
it. Do you think that this could happen to us? I do. Have you
ever seen your companies books to see if they are telling you
the truth? We see their printed figures almost constantly and
the gloom and doom of those figures. Have you ever seen the
books? Neither have I.

Do you think that your union representation has ever seen the
books? If they have, why wouldn't they share the books with
us? There shouldn't be anything to hide. Without being able to
see the actual books, we are just fed numbers and must accept
or reject those numbers. We don't know the TRUTH.

Delphi has $17 billion in assets. Their debt is $22 billion. Now
just understand that I'm not a mathematician. But, common
sense would tell me to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and get
rid of the whole mess because I'm more than broke, I'm $5
billion in debt and the debt is growing.

The Hatchet's crew steps in and files for chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection while they reorganize. There is all kinds of money for
the courts, attorney's, bonuses and on and on. They will cut
the workers and retirees living standards and enrich their own
way of life. They will sell off most of the company and leave us
in ruins. Then off they go to find a new victim.

I keep trying to make some sense out of what is happening and
there is none to be found. We did not create this mess (or is it
a lie) nor do we deserve to be slapped in the face with concessionary
contracts from "the almighty three" (GM, Delphi and UAW IEB) so
that they can enrich themselves.

The way I see it, we can't lose a thing by striking. Stand united
and don't allow them to cut us into pieces. NO CONCESSIONS.
STRIKE. I see this as the ONLY answer. No more lies, half truths,
and dereliction of duty by our UAW IEB sellout caucus. We pay
for representation and receive SILENCE until the concessionary
offer is presented. And when it is presented we just see the
"highlights" of the sellout. I'm paying money for this? What is
wrong with this picture?????

I can find no reason at all why I wouldn't support a strike. If I'm
going to lose something no matter what, then I'll sure feel a
whole lot better about fighting to keep it. I'm tired of being lied
to by "the almighty three" and will FIGHT them rather than give
in to them. The brainwash is thick and deep. We will separate
the LIES from the TRUTH. "The almighty three". STRIKE one.
STRIKE two. STRIKE three. You're all OUT!!!!

        In Solidarity
        John Goschka
        Local 699 Retiree