The contract lowlights

It looks like we have a tenative agreement on
a new four year contract with GM. From the
highlights that I've seen so far on the new
proposed contract, it looks like the best of
the LOWLIGHTS will be the selling points for
trying to get the contract passed.

The union will settle for a VEBA that will be
funded for seventy cents on the dollar. COLA
will take on a new look and the workers will
end up getting screwed. They will receive a
$3,000 signing bonus for their race to the
bottom. They will also have increased costs
for health care. No pay raises for the life of
the contract, just performance bonuses each

The highlights - lowlights??? go on and on
and then the real lowlights will be buried in the
agreement. It looks like the voting on this piece
of garbage will take place this weekend. Another
rush job vote too get it passed.

We will soon learn if the GM workers have learned
anything from the Delphi fraud bankruptcy. This so
called contract will place these workers on the road
too the race for the bottom if they ratify it. Also, VEBA
will have gone broke by the time they retire and they
will have too pay for their health care costs.

The workers at Ford and Chrysler will have an
advantage when it comes time for them too vote
on the contract. They will see some of the real
lowlights that the GM contract contains. Will they
accept this screwing? Will the GM worker accept
this race too the bottom contract?

We will know the GM workers answer very shortly.
The bait has been placed in the trap. Will it be good
enough too lure the workers in????