The dog and pony show has ended

Good morning brothers and sisters, the hero's of
the workers and retirees in this great world that
we live in. You are the people that can see the
direction that we are headed in and are willing to
spread the TRUTH and indeed ready and willing to
fight for that TRUTH.

It looks like the vast majority of the workers and
retirees are not ready to hear that TRUTH at this
time, and to me it looks like the RAPE will continue.
We must stay focused and continue to spread that
TRUTH until the people will listen and are ready to
FIGHT. The day will come when the battle will be
fought, but until the people are ready to FIGHT, the
RAPE will continue.

I'm appalled by the apathy being shown during the
dismantling of the union membership and the giving
away of the middle class jobs that we have known
for most of our lives. The concerns are there. Where
are the VOICES? Where are the OUTCRIES? Why do we
let the wolves lead the flocks of sheep and keep our
VOICES silent?

Maybe we continue to feel confident that we are in a
large enough flock that we will be spared. PATCO has
proven these thoughts wrong. We will be split apart
until we become weak and then we will be lead to the
slaughter. Can't happen to you? Look at the new super
highway that is going to be built through the midsection
of our country. The teamster union jobs will fall like flower
petals. They will soon dry up and be gone. The beauty
that once was there will be gone forever.

There is no safety in retirement. Watch and learn what
happens after the jobs are gone. Then it's time to go
after the retirees. Gettelfinger has already gone public
with his message of concessions. With the giving away
those union jobs where do we think that these concessions
will come from. Are we hopeful that the retirees won't
get RAPED again? WAKE UP!!! The membership is shrinking
and the retirement rolls are swelling. We are under the
knife and we are going to be cut into pieces a little at
a time.

We have no VOICE. We had twelve hands raised at the
convention in support of the retirees having a VOICE in
matters pertaining to them. Wait until the contract
negotiations next year. Mine and your heads are on the
chopping block. Why do you think that all of these union
members were FORCED into retirement? I would just ask
you to think about it.

The UAW IEB came away with a 3 percent pay raise while
giving our wages, benefits and jobs away. Right is right,
and wrong is wrong. A great injustice has again been done
to this membership. The top representatives place themselves
above this membership. They will NOT lead by example. They
will take what they can get and dictate what is good for us.
There is certainally a double standard here and WE will pay
for it.

I'm calling for a march on the Solidarity House with retirees
after the Delphi issue has been put to rest. I feel that our
VOICE must be heard. How large is that VOICE? My feelings
are that if we don't have over 1,000 retirees from the Big
Three at the rally then we are not ready to be heard and
we will suffer the consequences at the bargaining table. If
we do show up in great numbers then I would like to see
another rally next year before the negotiations begin.

Are we up to it? Are we willing to stand up and FIGHT or
will we be known as the "lay down" retirees? We talk about
apathy among the workers. Well, what about the retirees?
We have no excuse at all if we don't FIGHT for what the
IEB is going to give away. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS
MARCH after the Delphi issue is resolved. Will you show
FIGHT or will we show apathy? Time will tell. History will tell.
If you don't make your VOICE heard, then the knife is ready.
Look into a mirror and you will know who to blame when the
benefits are cut.

We do have a VOICE if we are willing to use it. Our VOICE
can be cut off from voting, but we still can use that VOICE.
Will you use your VOICE? Will you inform the other retirees
that the march is going to happen? Time will tell. History
will tell.

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree