The fight that confronts THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY WORKERS

My mind is always busy trying to piece together this RAPE of the workers in the world today and again I will share some of my thoughts and concerns as we move forward in this great struggle of ours.

As we all know, many of us have been asleep for many
years while the powers that be have laid the trap that
determines if we still have the will and fortitude of our
forefathers to fight for the preservation of the middle
class of the working force in the world today.

Many of us have enjoyed a good working life with adequate
benefits and a retirement that would give us a decent way of
life through our golden years. We worked long and hard hours
in the plants to earn a secure future for our retirement years.

Many of us have lived through long and bitter strikes to
preserve and indeed add gains to what we enjoy today. And,
at some point we fell asleep as we were led into the new
way of partnership with the corporations and we "let the good
times roll" as we continued on our way towards retirement.

The "BIG LIE" was now in place and many of us never saw that
"BIG LIE" because we were earning a good wage with a good
benefit package. Many of us didn't like what was happening
with the job speed ups and the added pressures that were
added to our work assignments but, we just continued to "let
the good times roll".

We were lulled into this magical new way of doing business and
forgot to watch our backs. As all of the free trade agreements
were being passed by the powers that be, we actually believed
that the corporations would stand behind us and honor their
commitments and contract obligations as they made more and
more money.

The political process was and is being influenced by the big
lobbying dollars that can buy the conscience of our elected
politicans. This in turn has set the stage for a corrupted court
system where the laws have been changed and allow corporations
to RAPE the workers and retirees.

Our UAW IEB has gone along with this destructive path for the
workers and retirees and have become partners in this great
RAPE that we are enduring. They have made of themselves
leaders and dictators to preserve and enhance what they them-
selves stand to gain.

They are now in a consessionary mode (and have been for years)
and sell their contract proposals with half truths (highlights). A half
truth is a LIE. They LIE to us and we pay for them to do it. We
continue to see our standard of living falling as they ROB from us
the gains that we have fought for.

The great disgrace to this concessionary LIE that they are shoving
down our throats is that there are no concessions for themselves.
They enjoy what they have and indeed they will continue to hold on
to them while selling the membership out.

Do you really believe that they want to see a strike and deplete
the strike fund? They draw interest from the strike fund. They see
this fund as theirs. You can bet that they will do everything within
their power to preserve the fund. Why would they want to risk a
loss of income during this great RAPE?

What will the last concessionary offer be to the workers before
the union is decertified? What half truths (highlights) will they
throw before the membership in the hopes of averting a strike?
The wolves are in their dens right now deciding what is good for
us. When they decide on the concessionary offer they will show
their pearly whites and we will finally hear from them. They will
talk with half truths and take extra care to cover their fangs.

Mr. Miller enters into the scene and puts Delphi into bankruptcy.
The man would have us believe that this is for our benefit. The
man is a habitual liar and will let nothing stop him in his quest to
destroy Delphi and our lives. The man is on a mission for money
and power and will try to crush any resistance that gets in his way.

He has met very little resistance in his past RAPES so he can
just smile and tell us that this is for our own good. "Don't strike
because it won't do you any good". "Let me do my thing, and I
will just move on to my new victim". "I will tear out your heart
and soul and leave you in poverty, but it's for your own good".
"I leave my trail of misery and will continue to do so". "So, just
step back and allow this to happen". "I will have the money and
power that is really yours".

Our UAW IEB allows the corporations to buy off the votes of
older workers through retirement (another trap). These are very
cunning and calculated measures that will rear their ugly heads
in our future.

Everything that we have ever worked for is being taken from us.
This is a slow process but if we allow it to continue, it will happen.
A little here, a little there. We hold the hope that it will stop at
some point. Money, power and greed will crush any hopes of this.
Concessions will lead to more concessions and more job losses.

We must STRIKE. We must put a stop to this RAPE before we all
become slaves to the corporate world. We have many enemies as
you all can see. These enemies will have to be crushed one at a
time. Who is our biggest enemy? I don't have a clue. Politicans,
courts, corporations, the Millers of the world or our UAW IEB?  The
enemies surround us. They are moving in for the kill.

This STRIKE will be a great learning process for all of us. We learn
by doing. We will learn how to take our enemies down one at a time.
We will never agree on who is the biggest enemy. We know who
they are. We know that we have to begin somewhere.

We the workers are a mighty force. As a combined force we will
correct the injustices that have been placed upon us. One enemy
at a time. We learn to walk before we can run. We are truly Soldiers
Of Solidarity and we will fight for our livelihoods and dignity.

The day is fast approaching soldiers. Stand alert and stand ready.
We will fight the good fight and stand as champions to an honorable

         In Solidarity
         John Goschka
         Local 699 Retiree