The race to the bottom

Good morning brothers and sisters, hero's of the workers
and retirees in this great world that we live in. My mind
stays ever active in the Delphi bankruptcy fraud, and even
though I can't come up with an answer on how to inspire
the workers to stand and fight, I can and will continue to
share my thoughts with you.

I know what must be done to stop the RAPE of the workers,
but my hands are tied. I can write, explain, walk protest lines,
and many other things, but until the workers are ready to fight,
I feel helpless. I'm a realist and I know that it will take a mass
involvement to turn the tide.

  As my mind drifts today my thoughts are locked in on two things,
the worker and water. With these two things locked firmly into
place, I'll begin. Without work and water, life would cease to exist.
The lack of water can easily be explained. The lack of the worker
is a little more difficult to explain, but here we go.

The worker performs all of the work that has to be done so that
we can eat, have shelter and heat, and a better way of life. They
will sell their labor to the highest bidder, and make sure that we
all have the essentials we need for life. If we can't buy these
essentials, then we must produce them for ourselves in order to
maintain life here on earth. One way or another, the work must
get done for survival.

My thoughts then shift to water. We must have it in order to survive.
Water is like the worker, it is always here. Water will move around. As
the tempatures cool, much of the water will be shifted towards the
glaciers and freeze until warmer temperatures thaw those glaciers.
Then they once again will return to our oceans and the cycles will
start all over again.

We cause the rains to shift here on earth. If we deforest certain parts
of the earth, the rain patterns will shift but the same amount of water
remains with us. In many cases, it's like the worker. If we do something
to shift the jobs market in the world, we will have to follow that market
in order to survive. We can stay and suffer or follow the jobs (rain). The
workers will have to move from state to state or country to country to
find those jobs.

The water and the jobs are always there. The water is always moving
but it remains constant and it's always somewhere. The jobs are always
moving but they don't remain constant. New jobs are being created to
enhance our lives and offer employment to our ever growing population
so that workers can earn a living. Unlike water, as these jobs are moving,
we are losing something from them. The same amount of profits or even
more profits are associated to these jobs, but the workers are losing wages
as the jobs shift. This doesn't happen with water.

With these thoughts firmly implanted in my mind, I'll now shift these thoughts
to the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan. Although I will be talking about G.M.
and Delphi I'll be trying to pass my thoughts along as all of labor. I view G.M.
and our union as being in Lake Superior. Hand in hand, they are just part of the
waters and they make the middle class workers stay their distance from them.

Then an idea is formed. We will spin off our parts suppliers and rename them
Delphi. We will take those waters and put them in upper Lake Erie. Water is
just water, so they should be content. We will allow them to stay content and
we won't stir those waters. We will just move them closer and closer to the
Niagara River. When the time is right, we'll just shove them into the Niagara
River and they will have to follow the flow of that river.

The time had arrived and we were shoved into the river from which the water
can't escape. The Delphi workers are now now headed to Lake Ontario and the
34 mile distance will be turbulent. The race to the bottom will travel somewhat
different courses, but the outcome will be the same. The waters will meet at
the bottom (Lake Ontario). Some will travel over the American falls, others will
travel over Bridal Veil or Horshoe falls. Some will travel through the turbines of
the hydroelectric plants. The dastardly deed will be done when all of the waters
reach Lake Ontario.

Now we have G.M and the union still hand and hand safe and sound in Lake
Superior with the remaining of the middle class workers floating nearby. Will
they do the same thing with the other workers? There is another way to get
those workers to the bottom. They can shift them towards the St. Marys
River and when the time is right, they can shove them into that river. This
will be a much less violent travel to the bottom and it will take a little longer.
They would travel 74.5 miles and encounter rapids. They could be diverted
through the Soo Locks and actually help some boats reach  Lake Huron in
their travels. In any case, they are still headed for the bottom.

When all is said and done, there is only one way for all of the water to get
back to Lake Superior. It will be through storms and thunderstorms and some
of these storms will be violent. Until the storms become a reality the flow
of water will continue in the same direction. Water can't flow uphill.

G.M. and the union will remain hand and hand in Lake Superior and continue
to love their status. The burdensome middle class won't be around anymore
to bother them. That middle class burden has been sent off to find the new
bottoms that await them. We don't have enough buckets to get them back
to where they once were. The storms will have to do that. Until the storms
materialize, new bottoms will be found. The water will travel downhill and
much of it will evaporate.

So brothers and sisters, here we stand waiting for the storm clouds and
they can't develop soon enough for most of us. We can talk, write, or do
whatever to try and unite the workers. We know what lies ahead and can
plan for it. If we need an ark, then we will have time to build it. The masses
of workers can't see this so they will have to travel in canoes.

We know, see and testify what the future holds for the workers. We must
continue to tell the TRUTH and eventually that TRUTH can and will be seen.
Until the workers are ready, my VOICE will remain my weapon of choice.

  In Solidarity
  John Goschka
  Local 699 Retiree