The rest of the story.

Good morning brothers and sisters, hero's of the workers
and retirees in this great world that we live in.

I must and want to share my thoughts and praises for
you and the GREAT impact that you have had on my life.
This story is about you, and you only. You have opened
new doors in my life and I can never thank you enough
for what you have done for me. You nudged me forward.
You praised me. You gave me courage. You opened a door
in my life that will never be closed.

You did this for me during the past year and you probably
don't know what you have really accomplished. You bring
tears to my eyes. Only you could have done something like
this for me. The things that we say and do in our lives can
and will have a profound effect on other lives that we touch.
Most of these blessings and changes that happen in other
peoples lives, we will never hear about. But, they do happen,
and you will hear about this one.

I'm the person who isn't gifted to stand in front of others
and speak my thoughts to them. I will name brother Shot
as the person who has the gifts to do this. There are many
others that have this gift also, but brother Shot has the gift
of writing also and he uses these gifts like a prize fighter in-
side the ring. One has to step back and admire these great
gifts that he has.

We all have gifts and we are unique in how we use them.
I know that I can't express my feelings and thoughts while
speaking. The words and thoughts just never seem to come
out right for me. But, you have made it known to me that I
can share my words and thoughts by typing them. I peck
with two fingers as I type so I have the time to think between
the words and my thoughts. My feelings just seem to flow
through this process. It seems that I can come up with the
right words to say and express my true feelings.

I have even more time to think when reaching for my worn
out dictionary to find out how to spell words. You are the one
that encouraged me to keep typing when we were at the Flint
rally. You are the person who came up to me at the different
protest rallies and introduced yourself and encouraged me to
continue writing. You are the one that told me that I could put
into words what you were feeling. You are the one that told me
that my writings were good.

I never wrote before the planned Delphi bankruptcy. I never
in my 59 years on this earth knew that I could write and above all,
that you would enjoy my writings. I never had a clue that I had
this ability in me. You are the one that told me that I had this
ability. You are the one who encouraged me to continue writing.
It took 59 years of my life before you discovered me and changed
my life forever. You made this happen.

I've always had this ability to write notes on cards that could
and would bring tears of happiness to peoples eyes. I never could
understand why this happened. You made me understand why and
encouraged me to continue to write. You are the hero who can take
a bow for the way you have inpacted my life. You will never know
the full joy of what you have done for me and the new doors that
you have opened for me in my life.

I'm a small time coin collector who likes to collect coins and research
the history behind a lot of these coins. I'm the guy that always holds
an old coin in my fingers and lets my mind drift. 'If only this coin could
speak. Just think of what this coin could tell me". It's a part of history
and that history is gone forever. Think of the stories that that coin
could tell if only it could speak.

You gave me the courage to step forward and write stories for coin
publications. You nudged me that step forward to share my history
and thoughts with another segment of society. Even as I write to
thank you for what you have done for me, my writings are on the
presses to be included in the next issues of coin publications. I have
given them a backlog of writings but they appear to want more. This
is the rest of the story. You have humbled me beyond belief. The
best words that I can give to you is a thank you from the bottom
of my heart. Keep up the good work and change more lives. You
sure have changed this life.

          In Solidarity,
          John Goschka
          Local 699 Retiree