The selling of Delphi

Good morning brothers and sisters who are fighting
for justice and a fair living wage for the workers and
retirees in this great world of ours.

Sometimes I get confused on what is happening right
before our eyes and the politics that are being used
to hide that issue. The govenor in our great state of
Michigan seems to be playing the hero by looking for
buyers to sell Delphi to.

I'm sure that her intentions are good but she seems
to be out of touch with the workers and the real issues
at hand. First of all, I don't want Delphi sold. This will
mean lower wages and benefits for the work force.

Second of all, history shows us where these investment
groups buy up companies, take what they can get out of
them and then shut them down moving the jobs overseas
with subsidies from our government. I view this as a very
bad solution to the problems that we are facing as workers

Our problems facing us today started with GM. They spun
us off knowing full well that they were throwing us to the
wolves. The money that GM is offering for buyouts is peanuts
compared to the wages and legacy costs that that they
are responsible for.

Ford took back the Visteon business that was supposedly
hurting Visteon financially. They didn't have the governor
looking for buyers for those operations to bail them out. In
my way of thinking, they did the right thing.

As I see it, GM is still responsible for Delphi, and should step
in and do the right thing. They should take Delphi back and
admit that their cruel, vicious plans for the workers of Delphi
have failed.

I maintain that GM is the problem for this mess and that they
are the one's that should bear the burden for their mistakes.
If anything is to be sold, it's GM's responsibility to do the selling.

The workers and retirees should then be covered by the GM
contract as the Visteon workers are covered by the Ford contract.
As I see it, the real issues are being evaded. The governor is
doing GM's job and the workers and retirees are still being sold

This is just my point of view and these thoughts keep me in
turmoil during these very trying times. Delphi is an issue for me,
but in my mind GM is the bigger issue.

            In Solidarity
            John Goschka
            Local 699 Retiree