The storm clouds will gather

Good morning brothers and sisters, the hero's of
the workers and retirees in this great world that
we live in.

History has shown us that freedom is not cheap.
Many sacrifices and hardships must be endured
to maintain the freedoms that we have enjoyed
over the years.

As in WW2 we saw that the world was not ready
to fight against a vicious, violent dictatorship until
being provoked with great loses and the violent
attacks on our freedoms. When the world did respond,
the losses were even greater, but we did keep our

As Todd wrote, Local 292 union dictators will appoint
their successors when they leave their office. Now
we can clearly see that even some of our local unions
will follow in the paths of our corrupt UAW IEB. The
thought in these cases is that "if you think as I do,
you're a good man for the job."

This clearly constitutes a dictatorship. No opposing
thoughts will be allowed into this regime. We will
follow the thoughts of our dictator and he will be
our supreme commander. Hitler did this during WW2
and look at the devastation that he caused. Hitler
never told a little lie because people would never
believe that "little lie". He told a "big lie" and people
believed it.

I maintain that our UAW IEB has told the "big lie" also.
"The companies are in trouble and need concessions."
The "big lie" and the workers and retirees believe it.
Until the people see the violent attacks on their very
livelihoods and freedoms they will follow this dictatorship.

People like to believe that our UAW IEB has our best
interests as their main concern. The "big lie" has taken
hold of workers and retirees and they refuse to see
the TRUTH. "Let our UAW IEB handle this, they know
what is best for us." "We are awaiting word from them."
I maintain that if the retirees held their breath until
they heard from the UAW IEB, then there would be no
problem at all with these perceived legacy costs.

Our VOICES and FREEDOMS are gone with the UAW IEB
dictatorship that we now have. Now even our locals will
try to mimic the dictators who are APPOINTED to power.
The young workers have no idea how things are SUPPOSED
to be done, so the union can try to institute this dictator-
ship to its lowest leadership levels.

As I look back on WW2, I can see workers and retirees
who believe the 'big lie" of our present dictatorship. They
will follow and sleep until the rug is pulled out from
under them. Their can't see what is really happening.

My neighbor and I placed a large standout ad in a local
paper beckoning the retirees from the Big 3 and Delphi
to talk about the problems facing us today. We rented
our town hall and ran the ad for two weeks. This cost
us was over $100. A cheap price to get retirees together
to talk. On the day of the meeting at the appointed
time, one GM retiree 78 years of age showed up.

The people are not ready to FIGHT. The "big lie" has
them captivated. They will NOT believe the TRUTH at
this time. When the rug is pulled out from under them,
then they will be ready to FIGHT. When the sacrifices
are great and the hardships begin, they will be ready.

Until then, we must keep spreading the TRUTH. No
matter what the costs or hardships, we must NOT
allow the TRUTH to be subdued. We must talk to
everyone that we can. Talk is cheap. I can't put a
price on TRUTH.

I talk to a lot of retirees who are working those $7
an hour jobs to keep busy. I ALWAYS remind them
to put the money into a special savings account so
that they will be able to pay for their insurance once
the VEBA account runs out of money. I get snickers
and dumb looks for telling them the TRUTH. But, that's

I can't make the TRUTH shine through to them as long
as they believe in the "big lie." But, as we all know, the
TRUTH will prevail. I will keep spreading that TRUTH until
it does prevail. The workers and retirees will be ready for
that TRUTH one of these days. We can only hope that that
day is sooner than later.

          In Solidarity
          John Goschka
          Local 699 Retiree