The turmoil within

Good morning brothers and sisters, the hero's who
strive to awaken the world to the plight of the workers
and retirees in this great world that we live in.

I find myself in a struggle trying to make sense of the
difficult road ahead in our FIGHT for the workers and
retirees, and I will share my thoughts with you. My mind
tries to unravel the TRUTHS on where we are at in our
FIGHT and the TRUTHS as I percieve them on what must
happen in order to wake up the world.

First of all, we need lots of troops. A general does not win
battles, the troops do. The general lays the battle plan, but
without the troops, that is what it is, just a plan. We can't
go out and draft people to carry out the plan so we rely on
the TRUTH of the message that we are sending to draw in
the people who will FIGHT for the workers and retirees.

The TRUTH is being heard far and wide. People know that
they are going to lose their jobs, benefits and retirement. Yet,
the majority of them refuse to get involved. The attitude seems
to be "let someone else do it". Until this attitude changes, we
can't fight a war. We will limited to continuing to keep spreading
the TRUTH until the people are ready to FIGHT.

We can't win a battle with battle plans and a handful of troops.
It just can't happen. We would be crushed. Until those troops
decide that they have had enough of the concessions, the RAPE
will continue. The battle plan is in place, but as I see it, the troops
are not. I hate to be a pessimist in my thoughts but I always go
with my gut feeling. I hope that I'm wrong in my thoughts and
history will tell.

We must have the want and desire to change things. We must get
involved to make that change happen. We must depend on ourselves.
When the change finally does happen, we want to have a say in
it so that it is done right. WE can take control of our destiny
in our working and retirement years if we will get involved.

As I mentioned in an earlier writing, I felt the support of the
workers in the American dream rally held at our Capitol in
Lansing. But that is where that support stopped. My feelings
are that other that the worker support, it was a dog and
pony show. The UAW and politicans had their day throwing
out words and idle promises.

As we all have seen, these tactics work for them be it a
Democrat or Republican. Just blame the opposition when
nothing gets done. We must read through this political
trickery and demand that things get done. They are great
at pointing the finger while nothing gets done. It's a
game brothers and sisters. A game in which nothing ever
gets done.

I have always held the following statement to be true.
The person who does the talking doesn't learn a thing.
It's the listener that learns. None of the people that
attended the American dream rally at our Capitol had
the chance to get on the mike to address our fellow
workers and retirees. The UAW and the politicans
didn't learn a thing.

The politicans have no clue to what the worries and
concerns of these people are. They didn't have to hear
those concerns. They walked away without learning a
thing. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have our UAW
and politicans sitting on the lawn while we spoke? Then,
maybe they would have learned something.

My belief is that if it wasn't a dog and pony show, then
those people would have not been there. Why would they
want to listen to our problems and be forced into taking
actions on them? Hell no! It was a good time to do some
campaigning. That's my take on the rally.

Will the workers at Delphi vote down a concessionary
contract and FIGHT? History will tell. If the BATTLE isn't
fought here then the Miller,s of the world will continue
to get rich while continuing to ruin lives. Will we stand
up and be heard? Will we finally take a stand and FIGHT
for what is ours? Do we want to be another PATCO?
History will tell.

These are my thoughts and concerns as the day of
reckoning is drawing near. I'm more than ready to FIGHT
if you are. The Delphi rank and file will determine if I
can FIGHT for them. Reject the offer and we will FIGHT.
Accept the offer and it will be PATCO all over again.

         In Solidarity
         John Goschka
         Local 699 Retiree