The waiting game

As the waiting game is winding down I would like to share with you,
the hero's of the workers and retirees, more of my
thoughts on the great corporate RAPE that is taking
place in this great world of ours.

We must remember that a great amount of psychology
is being used on the working force and that we can
choose to fall into this psychological trap or else stay
focused and do what we have to do.

We have been fed the grim news that the U.S. auto
companies are in trouble for a long period of time now,
and now the attack on the wages and benefits of the
workers and retirees is now at hand. The almighty three
(GM, Delphi and our UAW IEB) knows full how to play
the psychological game and will use it to their full

I will point to only one sellout although there are numerous
instances in past history that points to how the game is
played. Go back and check on the sellout of the Catepillar
workers and what they endured. When they finally accepted
the concessionary contract our UAW IEB claimed "VICTORY".

Indeed, it was a victory. But, ask the workers the question
of "who gained the victory". They will tell you that it sure
wasn't the workers or retirees.

Now we play the waiting game for the Delphi workers, retirees,
and the communities that will be affected in one way or another
in the outcome of this great RAPE attempt. For over 6 months
we have endured the insults that have been hurled at us, the
uncertain future that lies ahead, and our own day to day thoughts
on the outcome of this RAPE.

Our UAW IEB plays the major role in this RAPE attempt. SILENCE,
SILENCE, and more SILENCE. They know that this issue is tearing
the work force and communities apart and working on their very
hearts and souls. SILENCE! Can you feel it? No support or calming
words to give us hope. We have a plan is all that they can say.

There are NO words of hope in their message. Words of hope
for me are "there will be a strike if one penny is taken away
from this membership. Have we had a strike vote yet? NO.
Why not? Do you think that our UAW IEB's great plan is to
offer a concessionary contract offer that they hope the
membership will buy into?

Those of us that can SEE what is happening and resist the
psychological ploy, knows what has to be done. Our frustrations
arise within us in trying to awake the working force  to reject
all concessionary offers. We have followed the history of this
great prevailing RAPE and know why it has to be rejected.

In September of 2007, we will again be fighting the almighty
three when our national contracts expire. What hope will our
UAW IEB offer the membership at that time? More concessions?
The "highlights" of a concessionary contract with the "lowlights"
to follow? It's time to WAKE UP and and to take the bull by

Ford, DC and the workers who's turn is yet to come, do you see
the psychology that is being used on you? Are you accepting or
rejecting it? The waiting game is the trying time during the
attempted RAPE. SILENCE, SILENCE and more SILENCE. Do
we see and feel it? Mind games. SILENCE.

Prepare yourselves to resist this psychology. Know what it
is and don't accept it. As a unified force we can defeat the
almighty three, and indeed all of those who would attempt
to instill in our minds that concessions are a good thing.

Wake up the workers in this great world of ours. Prepare
them to STRIKE to stop this great RAPE. NO CONCESSIONS.
No SILENCE, SILENCE and more SILENCE. Don't put your
trust into a concessionary caucus. They will sell you out
for their own gains.

Take control of your jobs and future. STRIKE. It's the
ONLY answer. Stop the bleeding and then determine
your own future. Do we really need to pay union dues
to a union who will not fight for us? When they offer
us no HOPE and SILENCE, do we really need them?

We at Delphi have seen part of what will lies ahead for
us if we allow it to happen. CONCESSIONS and LIES.
Our workforce will be further weakened as it is sold
off to new buyers. The END will probably come in a
slow and painful process. Divide and conquer.

GM's sales are doing quite well around the globe. They
spend all of this money to get rid of their legacy costs
and write it off as a loss. Just another way to hide
and waste money when crying poverty. LIES and DECIET.
Buy into it and you will know what poverty is all about.

WE have the power to stop this great RAPE dead in its
tracks. WE only have to use it. This country can't do a
thing without the workers. WE have that POWER. WE can
use our own psychology against the forces that be. They
have us surrounded and are moving in for the kill. WE have
the POWER to CRUSH all of those forces in a moment of

They are taking us out one at a time because we are not
united. You're next and next and next. It won't stop until
WE unite and stop it. We can hold off until it's our turn.
But, we all know that our turn is fast approaching. Our
jobs, our way of life, our communities and jobs for the
future will be gone.

How long will WE allow this to continue? WE ARE THE WORKERS.
We are the people who make this country run. CEO's and
executives are a dime a dozen. They can't earn a living
without the workers. WE earn the millions that THEY receive
in wages and bonuses each year.

How long will WE allow this great RAPE to continue? WE can
WE decide to stand united, the world will understand these
words, and then psychology will be on our side. NOTHING gets
done without the worker. NOTHING. WE lose our pay (pennies)
and they lose their pay (millions) until we get this settled.

We can see where history is leading us. WE have the POWER
to change that history. WE can accept defeat, or WE can
FIGHT and WIN. Each and every one of us has to make our
own decision. Let the great RAPE continue or FIGHT.

No more concessions. No more givebacks. United we stand
and divided we fall. Follow history, or make history? Be a
leader or be led. Allow psychology to be your friend or enemy?
Stand up for decent wages and benefits or live in poverty?

WE have the choice of where history will take us. WE ARE THE
stand as a united force until WE get the issues resolved? There
is no other way. GM and Ford workers, you are losing 30,000
jobs each within the next few years. You're ranks are dwindling.

Whose job will be next. I can almost write a guarentee that it
will be yours, yours and yours. It will continue until WE decide

            In Solidarity
            John Goschka
            Local 699 retiree