UAW protest in Detroit draws 30 autoworkers??

Believe it or not, most of the working
force and retirees in this great world of ours are
scared. If one is to talk to the protesters who
are willing to protest in such miserable weather
as we had in Detroit, we will find that that those
protesters have a vision.

They know what happens when concessions are
given to the corporations. Concessions have never
saved jobs. If we agree to concessions, then we
can agree that shortly down the road we will have
no jobs. The corporations will want more concessions
knowing full well that that they are going to close
the place down.

When we have people in this world with no conscience
at all telling other corporate managers how easy this
bankruptcy fraud works and the amount of money they
can make from doing it, then greed takes over. Look
around and you will see it happening over and over again.

The Miller's of this world are getting rich doing what they
do best. They tear the companies apart and fill their pockets
with money. They could care less about the working people
and what will happen to them.

The psychology and brainwash has been used on the workers
for years and now we are looking at the helpless feelings that
the workers have. We don't know who to believe and we just
can't face the reality of what is happening to us.

Many of us believe and know that the only way to stop this
RAPE of the workers is through a strike. History will repeat
itself if we don't pay attention to it and truly the repression
of the workers is happening again.

History also tells us that concessions don't save jobs. The
workers of the world have had to fight for and strike for
what we enjoy today. We can concession our future away
or else strike and fight for a decent working wage. The
choice is up to the workers.

You are scared and so am I. But, I'm willing to fight AGAIN
for what we have today. I will not bow down to this worker
RAPE by the corporations. United we stand and divided we
fall. If we give in to any concessions at all, then we lose.
We will lose a little at a time until they decide to pull the
rug from under us. Then it will be all gone and we will be
looking for a job at poverty wages.

We must strike and fight again for what we have or else
we will lose it. I'd rather die fighting and do what is right
for the workers than lay down and let them walk all over
me. You can bet thay I'm scared. But, you can also bet
that I'll stand and fight.

           In Solidarity
           John Goschka
           Local 699 Retiree