We are the workers

Good morning to my hero's who fight for the
workers and retirees in this great world of ours.

I tried out the new "We are the workers" song
when we were at the protest rally in Detroit last
Monday and it appeared to be well received.

This was my first attempt to use this song and
after singing it a few times I felt that it should
have more of a message in it. The people that
were at that rally know the tune of the song.

I'm presenting an updated version of the song
and will use it at a future protest rally if there is
no objection to the wording in it.

               Everywhere we go
               People want to know
               Who we are
               What we stand for
               So we tell them
               We are the workers
               The mighty, mighty workers
               No more paycuts
               No more givebacks
               No more suffering
               No more pain
               What we want
               Are our gains
               Work to rule
               Work to win                          
               That's our motto
               For your sin
               No more lies
               No more sorrow
               We will fight you
               Till we win
               We are the workers
               The mighty, mighty workers
               Listen to what we say
               There'll be hell to pay

               In Solidarity
               John Goschka
               Local 699 Retiree