We win battles, but we're losing the war

We retirees figure that we've got it made, so we'll let the younger workers do the fighting. We the retirees figure that we have got to much to lose by taking drastic actions.  My opinion is that we are being set up for the BIG fall. A little raise in our pensions and a bonus for Christmas will keep us appeased until the hatchet falls. It's called a bribe!! and we are all falling for it. We are being bought off just like the workers who vote on a new contract with a signing bonus.

The salaried retirees have lost their medical coverage at age 65 and receive a shame fully small amount of money to find their own cover-age. The precedent has been set. Can we end up with the same?!!!!   You and I won't be voting on the contract when it DOES happen. When this happens, it's GONE forever. We will protest and  moan, but what good will that do?

Our union?? UAW IEB already knows that the second tier workers won't have what we have intheir retirement. WE ALREADY HAVE IT BETTER AND MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS THOSE WORKERS!!!  Concession man Ron knows this. It will be an easy thing to get voted through. We all have witnessed the eagerness of Ron to give back to the company. He nearly wets his pants in delightin the word CONCESSIONS

We continue to light small fires and they are put
out very quickly. We will talk and protest but
most of the public have been brainwashed into
detesting the overpaid lazy auto worker. The
brainwashing has worked and now we're into class warfare. We can try educating the workers and show them what's really going on during this race to the bottom, but alas, most won't see the light until we're at the bottom. We have witnessed true solidarity and the outcome of it (window workers) but even this won't light the fires of the working class of people here in America. "LET'S LET SOME-BODY ELSE DO IT"!!!!

John Goschka