The dictionary definition of apathy is a lack of emotion or
feeling, lack of interest in things generally found exciting
interesting, or moving, to downright indifference.

Why is there apathy when people are being concessioned
to death, being abused, losing their jobs and on and on? I
sure wish that I could come up with the answer for that

  My feelings are that a lot of the apathy comes from the
circumstances that we have faced during our lives and the
era in which we have lived.

My parents were born in the 1920's and life was hard during
that time period. They were young when the great depression
hit but they certainally knew what it was all about and felt
is effects. Wood was the primary source of heat and it was
cut by hand.

The farming was done by using horses for the hard work and
horses needed hay during the winter. Putting hay up into the
barn was mostly manually labor also so the times were tough
and they spent most of their time working.

Then came World War 2 and the ones that survived lost up
to four years of their lives fighting the war while their wives
at home took up jobs in the factories. Life was hard but life
still went on.

I was born in 1947 and lived on a farm of 80 acres. My father
worked at Saginaw Steering Gear (GM) and worked the farm
also. The times were tough but we managed.

I can remember the plow horses when I was young. In 1953
we got our first tractor so I never had the opportunity to use
the plow horses (thank God). Life was getting better and the
work load was decreasing.

We had an outhouse until the early 1960's and the old Sears
catalogues served another purpose after the primary one.
Corncobs also were used for this purpose. Hardly anything
went to waste.

In the early 1960's we also got a hot water heater and a
bathtub. Wow! Talk about progress. Life was getting better
and the work load was decreasing.