I was just reading some of the provided information on the GM/Delphi and UAW proposed buyouts for Delphi workers. I'm sure that this is only the highlights of the agreement and no where did it state that GM was going to guarentee our retirements.

If this is the case, The Hatchet (Miller) will have us right where he wants us after the 2007 contract negotations. He will be able to file for bankruptcy again and then he will get rid of our legacy costs.

Unless the workers understand this, they like myself can kiss their retirement goodbye if they vote to accept the agreement. We will then get whatever the government will pay us. This is so sad that the UAW IEB "creeps" would do this to us to protect GM.

The workers must be informed of this situtation and make their informed choice knowing this. $35,000 won't go very far if one loses their health care and a lot of their retirement.

              In Solidarity
              John Goschka
              Local 699 Retiree