Deriliction of Duty

Good morning brothers and sisters who strive to help the workers and retirees
in this great world of ours.

The concessionary caucus remains tight lipped during these very trying times and one can only guess as to what they are or are not doing.

I call this a dereliction of duty in the representation on the UAW IEB's role to the workers and retirees who pay union dues and are the true leaders of our union.

Dereliction of duty is described as a willfull neglect of duty or abandonment. I would say that this explanation fits our UAW IEB in their concessionary ways.

If I hired an attorney and he treated me this way, we would part ways in a hurry. I pay for information and action on his part and not silence and concessions.

How much have you paid in union dues since July of 2005? Have you seen or
heard from the UAW IEB who represents you during this period of time?

I would say that the biggest statement that they have made cost us health care concessions. And then all is quiet and we are left to wonder what will happen next.

We are in pain and they will not talk. This silence is indeed taking a toll on us in our daily lives and they remain silent. We deserve better than this and WE must make our VOICES heard.

Most of our membership has no faith in their representation any more. The UAW IEB call themselves leaders but we pay for representation.  We have never elected leaders. We have elected  representatives.

As representatives they must hear our VOICE and represent the VOICE. Do you see any dereliction of duty on our UAW IEB's role in representing us?

THEY will NOT listen to our VOICE. THEY refuse
to represent the VOICE of the membership. THEY
have made THEMSELVES leaders and tell us that
they will make OUR decisions for us. THEY know
what is good for us.

Dereliction of duty. Does it fit? Leaders versus
representation. Which of these do you want?
You are paying the money out of your wages
every month so you decide.

If you want change, then you must make your
VOICE heard. If you are content with LEADERS
then just roll over and take it as it comes.

It took years to put the membership to sleep.
This feeling of helplessness. Silence. RAPE.
WE can change it. WE can make OUR VOICE
heard again.

Are YOU up to it? Will YOU make YOUR VOICE
heard? Will YOU FIGHT to get representation?
Will YOU make OUR VOICE heard again? YOU
have a choice to make and only YOU can make
that choice.

Roll over and let the SELF appointed leaders handle
matters, or FIGHT to get OUR representation
back. It's YOUR choice.

              In Solidarity
              John Goschka
              Local 699 Retiree