Flint meeting

Good evening brothers and sisters, hero's of the
workers and retirees in this great world that we
live in.

I attended the meeting at Wallis restaurant in
Burton today and I really didn't know what to
expect with all that has been happening on the
SOS web site lately.

My guess is that there were 40+ people at the
meeting (mostly retirees) and I feel a refreshed
and renewed interest in the SOS movement after
a very active and enlightening 4 hour meeting. I
came away with a lot of new information on Delphi
and GM, and also I could feel the group pulling
together and trying to find the direction that we
should be heading in.

The meeting was very informal with one person
recognized at a time for their input into the different
topics of discussion. The meeting proceeded very well
and everyone was allowed to speak. We are still trying
to find our direction as we are still in the grassroots
stage of the movement. The people seemed to stay
focused and I feel the movements direction will take
shape with one or two more meetings.

To me, this was a very productive meeting. The people
were focused and there were always hands raised to
be identified for input. I could feel the bond building
between the participants and the sense of direction
gaining momentum. We fell short on time to get every-
thing accomplished, but my feelings are that it will
happen. It will just take more time.

Usually I don't like meetings. But I really enjoyed this
meeting. The TRUTH was spoken and we seemed to
be headed in the same direction. There were no nasty
confrontations and the people that spoke were given
respect for their ideas and input.

This meeting was what true democracy and solidarity
are all about. I can't speak for the rest of the people
at the meeting, but I can only hope that they came
away with the same feelings that I have. There will
be another meeting in the near future so stay tuned
to the SOS web site for updates. If you can attend,
please do so. Your input is needed to keep this movement
focused and headed in the right direction.

        In Solidarity
        John Goschka
        Local 699 Retiree