Food for thought

I'm a retiree and not a UAW member. This seems to be thrown out for the membership to hear and see all the time. The UAW IEB now treats me as a lower class person now that I'm retired. I don't like it one bit. Will you like it when you're retired? I don't think so. The UAW IEB doesn't represent me but they can give my benefits away. That sure doesn't sound right to me. If I'm a lower class person and have no rights then I question why I'm paying $2.00 a month in union dues. Why should I pay the UAW IEB that $2.00 a month to sell me out? Doesn't that make me a fool to keep paying these dues? I will NOT advocate doing this now, but in the future I might be forced ask the retirees to quit paying these dues. They will laugh at my $2.00 a month loss of union dues. There are around 500,000 retirees. If 400,000 retirees would decide to stop paying those dues, it would cost the union $800,000 a month in lost income. The other 100,000 will keep paying their because they're part of the good old boys.

To the UAW IEB I issue this warning. No more concessions. I know that you read these messages because we are very open with what we do and say. We don't hide and say nothing or at best, double talk like you do. We tell it like it is. If you proceed with your concession giving ways, then I will be forced into asking the retirees to make a decision for themselves if they should be paying those dues or not. Maybe this doesn't bother you. Maybe GM will add some money to the pot from our concessions that YOU gave back. I know that I'm only one VOICE but can you really believe that this is only one VOICE? The ante has just been raised gentlemen.

I have no voice within your ranks. But, I do have a VOICE.

                    In Solidarity
                    John Goschka
                    Local 699 Retiree