I never liked history while in school. Now that
I'm older I've learned to appreciate it. I actually
look back into it to try and figure out why we
are in the predicament we are in today.

As many of you know, my feeling is that we fell
asleep and lost out VOICE. We allowed someone
else to talk for us and thus our VOICE was suppressed.

Have you ever thought about making history in
your lifetime and leaving that history written in
books for future generations to reflect on?

Remember how the UAW was started with the
sit down strikes in Flint, Michigan? How the workers
took over the plants and would rather die than
give in to the corporations greed and lack of respect
for them.

Indeed, they made history. The workers had enough
of the management of the time and they did what
they had to. They formed the ONCE GREAT UAW union
and history was made.

We are now at that point in our lives where we can
make history. We can show future generations how
to set the world straight when we have lost our VOICE
and the representation that WE pay for. The union,
the courts and all political VOICE is gone. These have
been bought and paid for while we were asleep.

We are still THE PEOPLE and WORKERS in this world.
As in Flint, MI we can be heard and stop the RAPE
that is happening to us today. With a united VOICE
we can turn the world around and be a part of history.

If indeed we are not a part of that history that I see in
my eyes, then we will leave a legacy of gloom and doom
for future generations. Think about it. We can make
history and leave a positive legacy for future generations
right HERE and NOW if we will make our VOICE heard.

Will it be easy? I don't think so. But, I would ask you
if it was easy for our brothers and sisters before us?
They knew that the BATTLE would take time and that
they would face hardships. But they also knew that they
could no longer endure the working life as it was.

Will we be part of history or just watch it go by. Have you
had enough of the RAPE that is happening to you and
me right now? Will we stand up and FIGHT and leave HOPE
for the future, or will we do nothing and leave our
children and grandchildren a DO NOTHING legacy?

Look around you. Is your fellow worker quiet and slumping
when he once was confident and proud in his ways? Help
him out. Let him know that his VOICE can be heard and
that he can be part of history by using his VOICE.

History will tell the story on what we have or have not
done. AWAKEN and UNITE the VOICE of the world. I'm a
true believer in the WORKERS and RETIREES in the world.
WE will make HISTORY and show future generations
that we will FIGHT to protect and preserve the VOICE of

A fool will not heed the ROAR (VOICE) of a lion. ROAR and
ROAR until the ROAR (VOICE) is heard around the world. A
lions ROAR (VOICE) is something to behold. The ROAR (VOICE)
of many UNITED lions will be heard. History will be made.


                    In Solidarity
                    John Goschka
                    Local 699 Retiree