Hope of the things to come

Gregg Shotwell opened my eyes with his past writings and I can never thank him enough. It took courage for him to continue writing the TRUTH when no one was listening. My insights have failed me over the years and it took TRUTH to wake me up. Now that I'm awake I'm so mad that I'd like to kick myself right in the butt. Luckily I can't do that so I will use my VOICE to help undo what I have allowed to happen. I'm awake but many are still sleeping. If anyone can see themselves through me, then my VOICE has been heard loud and clear. There is still time to wake America up but with each passing day more and more of our fellow workers and retirees are being RAPED by our coporations and unions. It has to stop NOW.

My battle cry is "WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS, LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY OR THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY". If every worker in America would heed these words and act upon them, then it would be very easy to stop this RAPE that we are enduring. The sleeping have hope when there is no hope. Those of us that are awake will build a new hope that will be true to the workers and retirees. They will have a VOICE that will be heard.

I was brought up differently as were most of you. I was taught that if your neighbor is down, then help him. If he needs help, help him. Don't prey upon him to help myself become a bigger man. Yet, I would say that this is what we are seeing in our everyday lives today. Corporate America would squeeze the lifeblood out of the working class people and retirees and then go after the foreign worker with the same motif in mind - GREED AND POWER.

Do you believe that the courts and politicans have been bought and paid for by lobbyists of the rich class in America? I certainly do and I feel sorry for those people whose only goal in life is GREED AND POWER. They follow this very tight tunnel in life to pursue RICHES AND POWER. When they the give to charities (if indeed they do) they will proclaim "LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE". "LOOK, I'M A COMPASSIONATE PERSON WHO WILL GIVE MILLIONS TO HELP THE NEEDY" even though they they keep pushing us into lower and lower pay scales and force us into becoming the needy. I was always taught that when giving, let not the one hand know what the other hand is doing. Give to the poor because it needs to be done. The poor are with us always. Help them and don't boast about it.

I worked at GM/Delphi for over 39 years and have an education from colleges and trade schools. I don't have a B.S. Degree nor do I have a Masters Degree. I do have a lot of B.S. but that won't allow me to get a Degree. I have common sense which can't be taught in the educational system. With this God gifted common sense, I will help my fellow man. I have no thoughts of ever being rich in money nor would I ever want to be. I'm content with what I have earned in my lifetime and will never step on a person when he is down for my own gain. I will help him get back on his feet and bid him a fond farewell in his journey in life.

Am I a stupid lower class person? I will proclaim stupidity for being asleep for many years and allowing this injustice that is going on in the world today to happen. Yes, it's my fault because I allowed it to happen. I will proclaim my stupidity.. I was asleep and didn't see what was happening. This lion has finally awakened and finally can see the enemy in my domain and I don't like it. I will ROAR and ROAR (VOICE) to get my domain back. The enemy is trying to take it away from me and I don't like it one bit. I was asleep and now I will have to FIGHT to get my domain back. I'm a proud man and don't have to hide behind a (signed Marty) to tell the people of the world what my thoughts and values are. I will proclaim "who I AM and what I stand for". I will not berate my fellow man and then slip off into hiding in computerland. I will always attempt to tell the TRUTH as I see it and then leave my FULL NAME so that anyone that disagrees with me has the chance to tell me his or her point of view. I'm not always right (as many in the world feel that they are today) and I will write my thoughts and share them with the world. If I'm wrong or you disagree with my thoughts, then I'm always willing to listen to anothers point of view. This is America and we still have freedom of speech. But, I only value that free speech when there is a name attached to it so that if I disagree, I can respond to that person. Any message that is given without a name attached to it will most certainally show me that a COWARD is hiding behind it.

                 In Solidarity
                 John Goschka
                 Local 699 Retiree