If you won't defend me then YOU force me to get a lawyer to defend me

Right now I'm so mad that I'm shaking.

I just read the article on UAW to retirees: Don't object to settlement. Local 292 shop chairman George Anthony wants the retirees to forget about filing a lawsuit against the already-ratified GM/UAW health-care concessions that was negotiated. I Quote " WE have carefully considered all of the alternatives and have concluded that this settlement is the best solution for GM retirees in these difficult circumstances. Retirees shouldn't join the lawsuit against these concessions. Retirees should listen to the union, not a lawyer they don't know, because the union fought for them as workers and continues to look out for their interests even though they're not members of the UAW".

First of all Mr. Anthony I'd like to know what gives you the right to speak for me? Have you ever walked a picket line for long periods of time drawing strikers wages? I have! I have fought for what we enjoy today. These benefits were gained by members that had to STRIKE in order to have what we have today. We endured financial hardships for these benefits. You want me to roll over and give them back to the company because YOU have concluded that this best for me. I didn't STRIKE for these benefits to just roll over and give them back because YOU thought that it was in my best interest. I FOUGHT to have these benefits in my retirement. With the attitude that YOU have along with our UAW IEB it certainally looks like I'm going to have to FIGHT you also.

You say "Don't join the lawsuit because I shouldn't let a lawyer that I don't know look out for my interests. I should listen to my union because the union has fought for them as workers and continues to look out for their interests even though they're NOT MEMBERS OF THE UAW.

Mr. Anthony, I don't know you either, nor do I know the people in the UAW IEB who are paid to defend me. If you won't defend me then YOU force me to get a lawyer to defend me. From what I see in your and our UAW IEB lay down attitudes, I will hire someone to defend me. I feel that I have a better chance with someone that is willing to fight for me.

Yes, I belonged to a union that would fight for me. We fought and we gained. We didn't lay down and let the coporations or our UAW IEB dictate to us what was good for us. We FOUGHT. With this lay down attitude that YOU and our UAW IEB have, you are forcing me to fight again. This time I have two enemies, YOU and the corporations. Mr. Anthony I have fought before and I'm willing to fight again. I will fight you until you  stop your concessionary ways. I didn't STRIKE and sacrifice so that YOU could just give these benefits back just because the company WANTS them. WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS.

You also say that you look out for our interests even though we're not members of the UAW. This is a half truth Mr. Anthony. You are not looking out for my interests nor any of the retiree's or workers interests. If you were looking out for our interests you wouldn't be giving away our benefits. Instead of talking concessions, you would be talking STRIKE. You and our UAW IEB have no idea, no clue to what was sacrificed to have what we fought for. I would advise you and our UAW IEB to go back and learn the history of our ONCE great union. Go back and learn what WE WERE at one time and then REPENT for what you are making us today.

The truth that you have brought forth is that we're not members of the UAW. I can only assume that you were speaking to the membership also. None of us have any say in what YOU people are doing to us. You have made our democracy a dictatorship run by FOOLS. You FOOLS won't give us a VOICE in YOUR foolish and concessionary ways. You FOOLS have placed yourselves as the high and mighty in our once proud UAW. You FOOLS are destroying what we stand for. You eliminate our VOICE and then you dictate to us. You want to tell us what is good for us. NOT!

You make me sick. I will no longer be a fool to be lead by an incompetent leadership that is destroying the values and VOICES of the workers in this great nation of ours. I have a VOICE Mr. Anthony and our once PROUD UAW IEB defended the workers and retirees. I have a VOICE and I will use it. If you are not my friend, then you are my enemy. My VOICE will be heard. I have that right and you can't quiet that VOICE. You can call me a dissident, activist or radical. I DON'T CARE. Call me what you will, but my VOICE will be heard.

By the way, when are our so called leaders in the UAW IEB going to take concessions????? I haven't heard a word on this yet. Maybe our UAW IEB believes that concessions are good for us but not for themselves??? FOOLS AND TRAITORS. I will give you something to think about. WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS, LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY OR THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY.

                       In Solidarity
                       John Goschka
                       Local 699 Retiree

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